Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   really.   which is worse?   the mavs 23 point lead collapse to lose to the portland trail blazers on saturday night…or the phillies four-game sweep of the little friars in san diego this weekend?   geez.   how much worse can it get?

2.   we are not out of april yet,  and we are already running the window A/C in the bedroom of the farracrib all night…every night.   summer is not looking good.

3.   this is not a whine.   i know what whining looks like…and sounds like.   and i assure you this is not whining:   my house is officially too big for me to take care of.   i’ve pretty much got 37 completely different unfinished tasks around my estate…and no finish date in sight.   i’ve got my checklist already established for this week,  but i have this ugly feeling something not on my list is going to happen.   uuuuggly.

4.   nothing has come along to fill the void left by the exodus of jack bauer.

1.   great easter sunday!    both hours were nearly full.   a bunch of new faces.   the music rocked.   great spirit in the house.   hard workers all over the place.   there’s a lot of talk these days in church circles about having a “wow” factor in your sunday services.   we don’t have a lot of  “wow” that money can buy at north point.   but we’ve got something way better.   people.   our people are  the  “wow”.

2.   i got to do a wedding ceremony this past friday night down in corsicana  (mario and doss).   marriage has taken a huge hit in our culture over my lifetime.   anytime i see a couple of people step up to the altar and make a life commitment to each other in a society that no longer values marriage…well,  let’s just say it’s a huge thumbs up.

3.   i made the decision to shift my weekly work load from my trusty sony vaio laptop to an ipad 2.   i have 4-6 weeks to wrap my head around the change.   that’s how long they are back ordered.   in spite of how long it’s going to take to get here,   i’m pretty pumped about the prospects.

4.   we had easter dinner at home sunday afternoon with my family…both of our boys and their wives…and the great holden.   those few hours reminded me again,  of the goodness of god and the beauty of his creative sovereignty.   for some,  genetics and family lines prove nothing more than evolutionary process.    for me,  they speak of the creative genius of the one who set everything in motion.   i’ll put my money on god any day.   as for holden,  spending a  few hours with him is always sweeter than just about anything i ever get to do.

in case you haven’t seen him lately…


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. This is Wanda–not Mike. It was the biggest thrill to share the resurrection story with the eggs talking about each item in the eggs. When we got to the end, I said, “He’s gone!” That became the theme for him as he looked at each empty egg and exclaimed, “He’s gone!” Then we talked about Jesus living in our hearts, and he asked, “Jesus live in Holden’s heart?” “Oh wow!” is all I can say–and something Holden always says.

  2. Why is it I feel my best when the Mavs. lose during the playoffs. It’s almost as good as a runners high. Although I was reminded that two of my favorite teams have suffered History book collapses. Rockets and Houston Oilers.

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