Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   Gas prices are really starting to affect my driving habits.  And not just how much I drive, but how I interact with people.   I find myself saying “no”…or at least thinking twice about traveling to be with people because of how much it’s going to cost.   I’ve never been like this.   I’m determined to overcome this.

2.   I got up this morning and completely forgot that I was playing in the band today.   I went about my normal Sunday routine…totally oblivious to the fact that the band was doing their thing in the auditorium before the service and I was nowhere to be found.   You would think I would be a little more focused on my big day.

3.   Wanda’s pretty certain that Jack Bauer was the one that led the Navy Seal raid on Bin Laden.   Her 24 withdrawal is a bigger problem than I realized…

4.   Lakers.  ’nuff said.

1.   Got my new iPad2 this past week.    It was a tough decision,  but after a lot of research,  conversation,  comparison and advise-seeking,  I’ve made the commitment to shift my writing (blog and sermon) to a different medium.   After years of growing comfortable with my trusty Sony Vaio,  I’m going to have to get on a new learning curve.   After the first five days,  I can say my frustration is manageable and I’m optimistic that this experiment will eventually be a winner.   (Warning.   There are going to be some “thumbs down” in the near future.   I can feel it.)

2.   The little Mavericks were so good today,  I’m pretty sure they would have just called a mercy rule  after the first half,   if they would have been playing the Clippers.   I’m officially on the “Jose Juan”  bandwagon.   Wanda wants to adopt the little guy…

3.   I am so grateful to be part of a church family that is comfortable being a square peg in the round hole of churches.   I spent many years of my life in churches that expected little sermonettes  on motherhood every year on the second Sunday in May.   It’s pretty inspiring to me to be part of a group of people who are neither offended,  nor disappointed,  to hear a sermon about becoming living sacrifices  on Mother’s Day!   Wow.

4.   Speaking of Mother’s Day…I can’t imagine there is any man who is married to a better mother than I am.   I will not extol her greatness here.   It will embarrass her.   But I’m right.


2 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. driving home yesterday we talked about how REFRESHING it was not to have the “typical” mother’s day address. thanks for sticking to the message – it was beautiful and appropriate.

  2. I am dusting off my Miami Heat hat as we speak.
    This is why I think Dallas fans can be corny.
    Houston Rockets seem to ALWAYS meet the Lakers in playoffs. I remember sitting on shag carpet looking up at the bunny-eared TV, watching a true blood bath to the end. No instant replay, No sissy purse slaps on the wrist. That is a true rival. Dallas vs. Lakers in the 80’s? puhleeze…
    I was also reminded several times yesterday of how the Mavs. took down my Rockets a few years ago, just like they did the Lakers,
    with a 30 point route.

    Even though I want the Mavs to die I painful death in the next couple of rounds, I do respect when the planets align for a team. Greatness always seems to appear.

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