Reasonable and Reckless

this afternoon and early into this evening,  we met with an insurance agent to discuss the state of the farra insurance package.

(we actually met with our friend matt b...the new insurance kid on the block)

we talked about farra health insurance…farra car insurance…farra homeowners insurance…and farra life insurance.   we covered it all.   including our “end-of-life” insurance plans.   what?

honestly,  the executive branch of the farra estate planning commission has never been particularly focused on insurance.   i know we should have been better planners.   i willingly admit that we have never been particularly concerned about our long-term financial well-being.

the farra boys are not going to get rich on any inheritance.   i do hope my dogs outlive us,  though,  so they can be bequeathed back to the givers of those bundles of yapping joy…

there’s no farra retirement fund.   my whole life i’ve just assumed i would work until i kicked it.   i love what i do.   i can’t imagine not doing it.   i’ve never quite understood the whole retired from ministry thing,  anyway.   i’ve always figured  if i get too old to preach or too old to go on a mission trip,  i could still lead a bus trip to branson with the rest of the north point geriatric ministry.

here are some “truths”  (for me)  that i recognize from my trip behind the insurance woodshed:

  1. i’m not afraid to die.   i’m not uncomfortable talking about death…mine or anybody else’s.   that’s due to the fact that i believe my life with christ will not end at death.   it will simply be a continuation of the life i live right now…only way better.
  2. the less we have,  the less insurance matters.   we joked today when matt asked if we had a home security device…and i answered that a thief would break into our house and would go,  “dang.   why bother?”
  3. wanda and i are both perfectly content with being cremated when we go.   i’m a little hacked that the price of cremation has gone from $300 to $1250 in the past ten years,  tho.   really?   inflation has hit the urn-making market,  too?   can’t i just go to the pottery barn?
  4. i still feel like the goal is to get through life without ever making an insurance claim.   my fear of increased rates is out of control.   and i’m an idiot.
  5. i would be in awesome financial shape if my house burned down.   with the cost of replacement check,  i would be set for life.   a little trailer up on lake lewisville…
  6. …anybody want to help me convince wanda that’s a good plan?
  7. insurance attempts to provide financial answers to the question,  “what if ?”
  8. walking with jesus everyday gives me confidence to stare down every situation i face with a hearty,  “so what!”

look…the reality is that a life of faith  is lived somewhere between reasonable and reckless…and everyone has to answer it personally.

i know where i fall on that continuum.   do you know where you fall?


One thought on “Reasonable and Reckless

  1. When I managed a cemetery I had “Barry” in a plastic bag on my desk for 3 years. Just like everything else on earth, His ashes were only worth what someone deems them to be worth.

    Odd that someone can have millions spent on their funeral and have millions weep for them. Or, you can be KFC’ed funneled into a zip-lock bag and sit on someones desk.

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