Marriage Tuesday

tonight i’m thinking about a lot of my friends  ( and tons of friends of friends ) in tornado-ripped joplin.   i sit in the comfort of my home…a roof that’s secured…power is fully on…i know where i’m sleeping tonight…my worries are small and manageable…

i am a world away from the tragedy just six hours from my house.

i am nearly speechless to offer words of explanation or comfort.   i find myself mystified,  yet my confidence in god’s goodness and presence remains unshaken.   easy for me…

nevertheless,  my thoughts have wandered back to marriage this tuesday night.   what about all those husbands and wives that are holding on to each other…looking at their lost homes,  their scared children,  their shattered dreams,  their lost jobs,  cars,  pictures,  beds,  televisions,  pets,  pantries,  toys,  and keepsakes.

…and lost lives.

are their marriages strong enough to sustain the heartbreak?   are they strong enough to endure the loss?   are they strong enough to shoulder each other’s pain and questions and despair?   i suppose only time will tell.

tragedy and suffering has a way of becoming the anvil that our marriages get hammered on.   sometimes they become stronger and more resilient through the pain.   sometimes our marriages are crushed in the onslaught.

those that have paid the price to build before the storms hit have a chance.   those who ignore the health of their marriages will pay later.   it’s that simple…and that difficult.

pray for our friends in joplin.   pray for husbands and wives who are holding on to each other.


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