Community Life – One

this week,  north pointers are deeply connected to lives that have been touched by tragedy.

for the past five days,  many of us have been working together to help bonnie get her house ready to sell in the aftermath of her husband’s motorcycle injuries nearly two and a half years ago…landscaping,  painting,  tiling,  siding repair,  plumbing,  packing…a huge job that people are willingly sacrificing their time and money to see happen.

we also have two families,  in particular,  that have been deeply impacted by the tornado in joplin.   logan and aanna and adam and autumn each have many friends and family that reside in joplin who are living through the devestation…even as i write this.   today,  they are coordinating the collection of emergency supplies and will be leaving in the morning to drive to joplin…to deliver help and encouragement over the memorial day weekend.

these two,  unrelated efforts have got me thinking.

we live in a culture that celebrates the individual.   for most people,  life is lived out in an individual vacuum.   i take care of myself.   i look after my own.   i respond to my own needs first.   i do what i want.   i go where i choose.   i function in my own best interest.   i live for my own comfort…my own security…my own happiness…my own future…my own well-being.

sounds awfully…self-centered.   but practically speaking,  that’s how we live our lives until somebody else’s life is rocked to the point that we must look at how our lives can impact the life of another.   and many…tho not all… take action.

it’s a little ironic to me that the very best way of celebrating the individual  is always found in the context of community.   it is when we really begin to sense that there is something greater than ourselves…and that something greater is only truly discovered when we stop isolating ourselves and disconnecting ourselves from the rest of the world.

as a follower of christ,  i know that my great example emptied himself  (philippians 2) for the good and well-being of others.   it was there that his purpose was declared.

the same should be true of any who bear his name.


5 thoughts on “Community Life – One

  1. I find it interesting that the people at NP that I have the closest relationships with are people that I’ve worked with. Either helping them or helping others. It forms a bond that goes beyond the fake church friend crap that we all try and put on during meet and greets.

    I have been lucky enough to get to know Bonnie over the last couple of years. We don’t just pass each other and maybe smile. There are no longer empty I don’t even remember your name smiles anymore. I look for her every single week to give her a hug. Its part of my Sunday mornings. A great part of it!

    It’s sad that we are so shallow and lazy that it takes tragedies or needs for us to get off our butts and form relationships with people. Its something I’m working on.

    Doesn’t mean I’m going to go running around hugging everyone at NP.

  2. Ok so reading back maybe I threw a hand grenade.

    I am shallow, lazy and self encompassed. I love to use the excuse that I have too much going on or that I have too many friends. I can even justify standing people up or not pursuing friendship with them.

    BUT just because I can justify it does not make it right. Its not what I am called to do. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t care how many baseball games my sons have this week, He doesn’t care that I haven’t fished in almost two years and He surely doesn’t care that I did a couple of extra good deeds last week.

    So while I wasn’t trying to take everyone out with my grenade I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one those statements apply to.

  3. Luke,
    The grenade was thrown in the correct direction. There’s just a bunch of church weenies all over. No Sherri, this is not directed at you.

    So how about some Blow-torch…

    I think that joining a group of people once a week at church and giving that girlie “How’s your mom?” “How’s your job?” to a few friend makes you involved or concerned about others. Yes, prayer is awesome for the needy, But sometimes you just have to physically roll up your sleeves and go to town. I will always half trails and tribulations, I can put those on hold for a few hours or days.

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