Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   not real happy about this.   the effects of my regular steroid shots in my knees are not working like they used to.   the juicy good feeling of cortisone flowing through my joints is not giving the buzz i’ve grown accustomed to.   i wonder if knee replacements come in different colors?

2.   i have a twitter account.   i’ve tweeted about four times in the past two years.  but i get new people following me nearly everyday.   what am i missing that they are seeing?   maybe i should actually start tweeting on a regular basis to give these people something to read…

3.   i don’t know how to say this without coming across pretty judgmental, but here goes.   there are way to many couples that are not taking their marriages seriously.   ’nuff said.

4.   i said this in my sermon today,  but i think it needs to be said again.   and again.   there are way too many people who claim to be followers of christ who struggle with doubts and fears and anger and depression and hurt and confusion and loneliness…yet they spend more time watching television or surfing the internet or reading pop magazines or listening to unwise advice from friends,  than spending time with the words of god.   is it any wonder the struggles continue?

1.   i’m really proud of logan,  adam,  autumn,  and bill for their hard work up in joplin this past week.   they put in long days of tireless work serving alongside people in that devastated community.   i can’t wait to hear from them all first hand…and begin preparations for some trips up there in the months ahead.

2.   there are some pretty great things happening around north point these days.   one of my favorite things is being able to work side by side with new and old people…at the same time…and watching as new relationships are formed and old relationships are deepened.   it really doesn’t get much better.

3.   when you read this,  it will be monday.   it will be memorial day.   it will be a holiday.   wanda and i will be doing nothing.   this is a major thumbs up.

4.   we are officially into the college baseball post-season.   conference tournaments are over.   the regionals begin this next weekend.   it’s the beginning of my absolute favorite sporting event of all:   the college baseball world series.   sorry, mavs…


2 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Sorry to hear about the lack of effectiveness of the steroid shots padre. I sure wish your doc had gone with the synvisc, I’m at over a year and still a happy camper. and yes sir, I’m guilty as charged, not enough time in the Bible. I’ll talk to God about that and have him open my eyes, ears, and heart and start listening to what he is saying because I am not going to be defeated by this life.

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