Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   graduation weekend is one of  the (if not the single)  toughest weekends of the year for our church family.   it is a non-stop celebration of high schooler’s achievements.   parties…friends and family in from out of town…crazy traffic up I-35…no place to park…scripted prayers…hundreds and hundreds of graduates…the list goes on.   it just seems like it sucks the life out of us.   glad we are moving on.

2.   you might have figured this out already,  but i got my feelings hurt  this past week.   it’s nobody’s business but mine, but  you think at 57 i would be beyond this.   good grief.   you can’t ever let your guard down if you want to stay on the high road.

3.   there are some people who ask for help because they genuinely seek your wisdom and input…and then act on it.   there are others that ask for help,  but all they are really looking for is someone who will say what they want to hear…and have no real intention of acting on your advice.   which one are you?

4.   this week,  i worked really hard in my preparation to preach.   after all the prep,  i still don’t feel like i presented clearly today.   man,  is it great to know that god can take our weakness and make it into something good,  or what?

1.   glad i waited to post this.   mavs are world champs!   proud to be from dallas tonight…

2.   this could be the ultimate  “thumbs up”  tonight:  the air conditioning in our cars and inside our house are both working well.   so easy to take for granted.   so deeply appreciated.

3.   read an amazing article by eugene peterson a few days ago.   you might know eugene as the guy who authored the message…the super-modern translation of the bible we have access to today.   you may not realize that he is an old,  wise,  insightful pastor of over 40 years,  also.   his words in this article were words i desperately needed to hear.   daring.   challenging.   unpopular.   true.   you might want to read it here.

4.   gotta say it again:  mavs win…mavs win…mavs win.   now back to the padres.   they have obviously missed me the past couple of weeks.


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. We want you to know how much we really appreciate you all coming to John’s graduation. I don’t know how you guys do all of them. Thanks for being a part of our celebration family! You guys are awesome! On another note , I enjoyed your message today. I am looking forward to the coming weeks. Again, Thank you!

  2. At 37 years old, I had my own mommy hurt my feelings.
    I think it showed me that my heart has not hardened, like the world tells us we have to have. We got to be tough!! No my heart is not this tough piece of leather. You know, like something you may find on a a%&.

    I get a kick out of all this good and evil playing against each other when DFW has “America’s” evil team in another sport.

    Since my passion is for another basketball team, I fully acknowledge Dirk is great as it takes a great to win.

    Sadly, the fall is long from the top. Having to finally have sub 50win season for a chance at a lottery pick. Then realize then money was spent on a dud. Or, picking up a free agent with hope of the having something left in the tank. Come to find out said player can’t even post up.

  3. I had a statement already to say and then I read Brandon’s post and got lost. Actually very thankful both A/Cs work as our home one is pushing 30 years old, very inefficient, but at least it’s functioning. and yes.. Great Job Mavs. Yeah I’m a little late on the post, been very distracted lately.

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