Don’t make assumptions

call me a skeptic.

just because an athlete claims to be a christian,  don’t assume i think he’s great.   and don’t assume i’ll pull for his team.

just because a teacher claims to be a follower of christ,  don’t assume i think she knows her subject.   and don’t assume i’d recommend you sign up for her class.

just because a handyman has a fish  on his business card,  don’t assume i’d be impressed with his work.   and don’t assume i’d pass his name along for future work.

just because a politician claims to be a believer,  don’t assume i admire his politics.   and don’t assume i’d vote for him.

just because my neighbors go to church on sundays,  don’t assume we should be close friends.   and don’t assume i think they are great neighbors.

just because a student goes to a christian school,  don’t assume i hold him in high esteem.   and don’t assume i think he is automatically a good example for other young people.

just because a lawyer says she believes in god,  don’t assume i would choose to use her services.   and don’t assume i think she is any less greedy than any other lawyer.

just because a musician claims allegiance to jesus,  don’t assume i’m going to be a loyal fan.   and don’t assume i would like his music.

here’s the point:   surprise!  people who claim to be followers of christ don’t always see things alike.   we need to be careful we don’t place people in boxes  just because they claim to be christians…at least not the boxes we create.

don’t assume i’m going to vote for rick perry or mike huckabee.   don’t assume i’m going to be a loyal supporter of jim tressel.   don’t jump to the conclusion that i’m going to start rooting for the denver broncos because tim tebow is their quarterback…or that i’m a mavs fan because jet terry talks about god all the time.

don’t tell me to hire a plumber or an electrician out of the christian yellow pages.   i’ll stick to referrals from friends i trust.   don’t think i rely on christian talk radio hosts to shape my thinking.    don’t assume  i’m a bigger fan of  casting crowns  than i am of  ZZ Top.

people who don’t share a similar faith journey with me can still make good music or good art…and they can still be good politicians…or great athletes…and they can build incredible cabinets.

i really wish christians would be the ones with the biggest lenses in society.   i wish we could see people and systems and ideologies with the grace that god sees us with.   i want to be a man who follows in the footsteps of jesus and not a guy that is conformed to the culture i find myself trapped in…including christian culture.



5 thoughts on “Don’t make assumptions

  1. Wow, Terry’s God comments really stick out. Every Doris Burke interview made me cringe. Didn’t Terry a few years ago tried using an opposing player’s groin as a speed bag? Yeah real “Christian” of you.

    Why do we all assume that just because you accomplish your goal God wanted you to succeed? Why didn’t you thank god when you were in a 4 game losing streak? Where’s that sideline interview? Most likely you were throwing everything you could find under the bus.

    Why do we assume just because you got a raise, sold an account, wrote a book, have a nice house, put your kids through college…etc. makes you any better than the sinner you still are?

    Do you know when Porno directors win awards they thank God too?
    (don’t ask)

  2. I don’t assume that christians just because they are christians are the best at anything they choose to do.

    On the other hand it is refreshing to see christians who display the fruit of the Spirit as they do what they do.

    I admire Josh Hamilton because he is a talented, skilful, hard working, motivated baseball player. I admire him even more because he appears to demonstrate the fruit of a christian character now while on the field and off.

    I might let him work on my plumbing if I could get his autograph.

  3. I think the assumption that you are really writing about is what one christian assumes another christian should do.

    Here is where Romans 14:4 applies. “Who are you to pass judgment on another’s servant? Before his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.” (NET Bible)

    May we all remember that verse before we tell another christian what they ought to do because they are a christian. We might still express an opinion because we care about the Kingdom and our fellow christian. But we might also be willing to see another point of view.

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