Marriage Tuesday

today’s post is a little late.   sorry,  but today’s my 36th  wedding anniversary.

partying slows me down these days.

36 years ago,  i had no concept of 2011.   but i knew that if i was still alive,  i’d still be married to wanda.   i’m a little overwhelmed as i reflect.

we actually started dating in 1970.   richard nixon was president.   gas was 36 cents a gallon.   the vietnam war was still being fought  (…and i was registered for the draft).   jimmy hendrix and janis joplin both died of overdoses.    bridge over troubled waters  by simon and garfunkel and let it be  by the beatles were at the top of the charts.   it was our senior year in high school.

we got married in 1975.   bill gates and paul allen created microsoft.   the vietnam war ends.   the average price of a house was about 12k.   unemployment was at 9.2%…the US was in a huge recession.   saturday night live  debuts.   jaws,  young frankenstein,  and  one flew over the cuckoo’s nest  were the top films.   cincinnati’s big red machine  wins the world series.

we were married through the 1980’s.   so much.   iran-iraq war.   the invasion of grenada and the bombing of lybia.   tiananmen square.   the ronald reagan years.   mount st. helen’s volcano eruption.   el nino.   loma prieta earthquake.   the space shuttle challenger disintegrated.   the exxon valdez oil spill and chernobyl disaster.   john lennon was assassinated.   nintendo.   commodore 64.   macintosh.   sony walkmans.   vhs.   aids epidemic.   recycling.   apartheid.   MTV.   ESPN.   i won’t even begin to comment on the music and styles of the 80’s!   

we were married through the 1990’s.   the rise of the internet and the information age that changed everything.   the gulf war,  the somali civil war,  and the rwandan genocide.   the LA riots,  rodney king,  and OJ.   the oklahoma city bombing.   the clinton-lewinsky scandal.   NAFTA.   cell phones.   email.   CDs and DVDs.   global warming.   princess diana was killed.   mother teresa dies.   columbine.   ER and the simpsons.   the seattle sound.   punk rock.   super mario and crash bandicoot.   the baseball strike and the cancellation of the world series.   and the farra clan moved to the great state.

we were married through the 2000’s.   we actually survived Y2K.   the september 11 attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon.   al-qaeda.   the tsunami.   hurricanes katrina and rita.   the war in darfur.   the mexican drug war.   W and barack obama.   H1N1.   china and india rise to economic prominence.   the rest of the globe is in financial crisis.   the dot com bubble burst.   enron.   gas prices through the ceiling.   google.   yahoo.   ebay.   wikipedia.   amazon.   myspace.   facebook.   twitter.   youtube.   tivo.   hdtv.   texting.   mp3.   GPS.   hybrid.   lord of the rings.  shrek.   pirates of the carribean.  jack bauer leaves.   michael jackson dies.   Wii.   guitar hero.

a lot has happened in the past 40 years.   a lot of  “history” has transpired.   wanda and i have made our own.   happy anniversary,  partner.

One thought on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. Congrats and a pat on the back. No reason to get to sappy at this point. You still have several decades to go! 🙂

    Now to get to business. Just like the press after the State of the Union address.

    No PAC MAN = No John Madden

    No Madonna= No Lady Gagaaaaaaa

    Michael Jackson Thriller, Live Aid, Farm Aid, We are the world…

    Jim and Tammy Baker!

    $100 Tennis shoes (Nike Air)


    Clarence Thomas

    The rise of Michael Jordan

    Titanic (the movie)


    I think we need a round table on Punk being in the 90s. People who listen to punk will tell you it’s still alive. It’s prolly still alive in some perverted form.

    The time capsule needed a few more additions.

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