Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   you may have heard…the wind and rain storm from last monday night flooded through our living room ceiling.   again.   the last time this happened,  we found out that our insurance company doesn’t cover wind-blown water damage.   what?   anyway,  we did all the inside repair ourselves  (along with some awesome help from north point popcorn ceiling scraping ministry team),  and after five months of repair and painting (we’re not very speedy),  we had people to our house for the first time.   last monday night.   the irony of it all!

* after meeting with our insurance claims adjuster this morning,  it looks like there was enough hail damage last monday to justify a new roof and repair of the inside of our house.   we’ll see…

2.   here’s a fact that has to change.   at north point,  we just don’t have adequate transportation for youth and children.   we have tons of kids…and even families…that would join us if we had some vans or buses to pick them up.   this is just one of many incredible opportunities we have to bring hope in our community.   we’ve got to do something about this!   not to mention,  the need for better transportation for our youth ministry…even though logan just passed his youth ministry auto mechanics mid-term with flying colors.   with some help from adam.

3.   learning and remembering names of new friends has never been something that i do well.   not bad.   just not great.   it has to be now.   staying connected to people…so many new people in my life…is more important to me than ever before.   and more difficult.   any suggestions?

4.   new summer eating and exercise plan begins this week.   definitely not  a thumbs up.

1.   my anniversary,  father’s day,  and birthday all fall in the same week every year.   it is always the most fun week of the year.   no exception this past week.   i’m a fortunate guy.   birthday dinner at the Hard Eight BBQ in coppell on saturday with my whole family was awesome.   new summer eating plan was solidified there.

2.   i can’t remember a time in my life when i have looked forward to sundays more than i do right now.   every week.

3.   the chase was awesome.   our possibilities for being a church family that really makes a difference in our community and beyond are real.   and within our reach.   seeing our youth group back from know sweat  was a great reminder that kids can make an incredible impact with their lives.   i’m really proud of our children’s and youth ministries these days.

4.   we had a north point leaders meeting this past week and it was confirmed for me…again…that we have awesome people leading us into our future.   i can’t wait for the fall to get here…and all of our families are back…to see what’s going to unfold.   are you ready to be part of it?   

*i hope this is true for everyone who’s reading here today…


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. i was driving in traffic the other day and saw a bus that looked just like “Barney” the old ’72 International… ahh the memories of being broken down at the side of the road… and the official title “Ministry Assault Vehicle”

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