Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   this past saturday,  i decided i would conquer the stump in my front yard that has been infecting the soil that has sucked the life out of my st. augustine grass.   so i got up early,  went to lowes and bought an axe with a 34″ handle,  spent some time with my bench grinder to sharpen the head,  and commenced swinging.   for about an hour and a half.   the good news?   i got the stump out.   and i didn’t die of heat exhaustion.   the bad news?   every muscle in my body is screaming,  “dude…you’re an idiot!”

2.   it’s really bad when somebody from india is lamenting the weather in dallas.   just saying…

3.   is it just me,  or have the rest of you completely lost interest in the national football league?   like…does anybody even care if they play or not?   and the euphoria of the mavericks heroics…?   definitely died off.   quickly.

4.   this cannot go without being called out.   angela…really?   the backstreet boys/new kids on the block reunion tour concert?   really?   my response is still beyond adequate words.

1.   had an awesome two days with peter,  our friend from india this weekend.   i could easily give fifty “thumbs up”!   we had four different meeting times with him,  and every one of them left people wanting more.   his transparency and genuine love for people and the kingdom is inspiring.   his commitment and love for north point is humbling.

2.   today,  at lunch,  peter told me that the time he shared with us in our 11:15 service was the most inspiring  time of worship he has had in the past three years.   the music…the message…the warmth …and the honesty was exactly was his spirit has been needing.   wow.   what an unexpected affirmation.

3.   not only is insurance covering the damage to our ceiling and giving us a new roof  (due to hail damage a couple of weeks ago),  but we have already received the check.   i’m blown away.   huge  “thumbs up”  to farm bureau insurance of texas,  our new protector.

4.   two words:   righteous rocker.


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