Some things I think I think…

sometimes,  i’m too smart for my own good.   or too dumb.

there are a lot of things i think  might possibly be sort of true.   maybe.

i think.

so i’m stealing from the great peter king  (props to all of you who know who i’m talking about),  and adopting the  “things i think i think”  label to accommodate some of my randomness.   so here are some of the things i’m thinking about today:

  • i think  i admire the integrity of the jury in the casey anthony trial.   i think.
  • i think  the padres may have a chance to be in the race.   i think.
  • i think  i’m really adapting to texas summer heat.   i think.
  • i think  i might start calling myself an anabaptist.   i think.
  • i think  my front lawn may really experience a resurrection.   i think.
  • i think  i really like my ipad2.   i think.
  • i think  north point is right on the verge of some serious space problems.   i think.
  • i think  i’m finally going to get my roof fixed right.   i think.
  • i think  i’m emotionally prepared for next week’s colonoscopic violation.   i think.
  • i think  roger clemens is going to jail.   i think.
  • i think  i know what i’m going to preach on this fall.   i think.
  • i think  i may go back to the harry potter glasses.   i think.
  • i think  north point needs an old school bus for transportation.   i think.
  • i think  the new longhorn network may end up being a bust.   i think.
  • i think  i may buy a suit this year.   i think.
  • i think  “the civil wars” may be the best new band i’ve heard this year.   i think.
so what do you think about what i think i think?

9 thoughts on “Some things I think I think…

  1. I think that you are thinkin’ that you should think these things out a little more and that much thinkin’ might make a man wonder why he needs to think so much, but then again you are the padre and we like your thinkin’

  2. I think I just deleted the comment I was about to make to BA’s thought and I think that was probably a pretty good thought.

  3. I think that what you were thinking was prolly a funny thought. But you were thinking too hard about thinking it to type. Thus we miss out on an overly thinking thought. I think.

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