It’s a good day

man.   i love being 57 today.

there are some great things about being young:   i was lean and fast and had a 38″ vertical.   i was popular and hip and good looking.   people stood in line for my autograph and took pictures of me with their babies.   and i was clearly not senile then.

no…as much as i look back fondly on my youth and the amazing experiences god has led me through,  i would not go back.   i would not trade who i am or what i know or the place i am in life right now.   because right now,  i have  some measure of the grace of wisdom…

…and as wise king solomon once said a few millennia ago:

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you;
love her, and she will watch over you.   Proverbs 4:6

so here are some nuggets from my journey that may help you on yours today:

i was thinking about what my normal response is to situations where i have no control over…situations that i find myself in that i don’t necessarily choose for myself…situations that are difficult or imposing or even painful.   what do i normally do?

i pray for wisdom.   that is the one kind of prayer that we are commanded to initiate that comes with a tangible promise  (If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  James 1:5).

i resolve to accept it.   sometimes this happens pretty quickly…other times it is a process.   but either way,  logically,  it just doesn’t do much good to fight with reality.

i scramble to grab a hold of contentment.   it’s an elusive little sucker,  but if the apostle paul could find contentment in any and every situation,  then it must be possible for me.   and i’m pretty relentless.

i work hard to be grateful.   again…it’s pretty risky to mess with the commands.

i look for the good.   there is always so much beyond face value.   god promises good.   god is good.   clear eyes,  full hearts,  can’t lo…oops.   wrong story line.

i don’t “blame” god.   ever.   not in my theology.   not in my make-up.   to blame the almighty and all-powerful for “bad” is sacrilege to me.   this is not about cause and effect.   there is no room for attitude  with the father.   the created doesn’t get to wag it’s whiny little finger at the creator.

i am passionate about not getting angry or bitter.   that command thing again.   also,  the fruit of those responses scare me.   it breaks my heart to see what becomes of people who make room for anger and bitterness.   i want nothing of it in my life.

i do everything i can to help others do the same.

need any help?   got any more wisdom to pass on?


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