Marriage Tuesday

i got up this morning and had to admit that the marriage tuesday well  is running dry.

i’m pre-occupied.   i’m super busy.

i’m not spending much time reading…neither books,  nor on the internet.

speaking of the internet,  my trusty laptop has a massive virus and has slowed it to the speed of my 40 time.   i’m now using my ipad2 almost exclusively.   and as much as i love it,  there are still some things that i really struggle with doing on it.   blogging is one of them.  ugh.

so i’m going to take a marriage tuesday  break for the rest of the summer.   i’m going to start reading and gathering ideas.   i’m going to bask in this wonderful texas heat and enjoy my marriage…and not write about it for a few weeks.

in the meantime…i’ll take suggestions.   what marriage topics do we need to cover?   what issues do you want to throw out on the table?


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