I’ve had it.

you may have already seen this.   if you haven’t,  sorry.

is it any wonder why so many people have walked away from the church and make mockery of god?

…and see the fraternity of pastors as just a bunch of nut-jobs?   really,  i’m sorry.   i know i’m supposed to be kind and non-judgmental and committed to making room for all types and sizes of people who call themselves followers of christ.   but i’ve reached my saturation point.

i wish this was just another SNL skit making fun of christians…but it’s not.   this is definitely an episode of truth is stranger than fiction.   for god’s faithful.   ugh.

there.   i vented.   now i’m going to watch it again because it may be the funniest thing i’ve seen since the ricky bobby sweet baby jesus prayer…

11 thoughts on “I’ve had it.

  1. Lesson learned… Never watch the supper/prayer scene from Talledega Nights before church or delivering an invocation…

  2. You are forewarned that Chris will probably yell “Boogity boogity boogity Amen!” on Sunday and if he doesn’t I probably will!!!!!

  3. It seems I may be a little against the flow here, but I really don’t think he did anything wrong. It may have been goofy and an odd choice, and depending on who you ask it may have made him look like an idiot, but is it any weirder than me thanking God for the grilled cheese sandwich I had for dinner tonight? I mean, really…what if I stepped outside my door and publicly thanked God for the miracle of melted cheese for my neighbors to hear…would I be wrong? Or how about David dancing half naked in the streets? I don’t think my prayers need to be particularly solemn in order for them to be real. Why does my level or seriousness somehow determine my respectability as a christian in the eyes of others? The Israelite’s were always the freaks….why do we expect, or even want, it to be different?

    (chris says I’m about to kill all the fun….)

    1. Erin-i attended a christian university with a professor who refused to say a prayer over a meal..his comment “do you thank God every time you take a breath?”….

      On a serious note: did I miss him praying for the driver’s safety?

  4. Raeshel reminded me this is how the south can pray. One side of the Mason-Dixon may be going to hell. Like rappers, is this a Eastcoast Westcoast thing?

  5. I’m sure his “smokin’ hot wife” appreciated the prayer. I would question his sincerity but that’s between him and God. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. I used to go to a church (in the south!) with a preacher who could be his twin (in voice and appearance). This guy had a sense of humor, as I recall, that was lacking once upon a time.

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