Sunday Morning Redux

just a great day yesterday.

honestly,  i wasn’t sure what the emotional temperature of our family was going to be.   post apocalyptic moments are so hard to predict!

the thing i was most struck by was how totally galvanized our youth group appeared.   they were awesome.   more engaged than ever.   i really like their resolve.   it’s great to be on this side of my life,  having the necessary years of experience to be confident that god uses the most difficult times of our lives to make us into useful vessels.

it’s always incredible to see that play out right in front of my eyes.

i’m still a little overwhelmed that we continue to add new people every week.   during the summer,  no less.   it must be the great air conditioning we have in the building.   it is pretty humbling to realize there are people who see something in our church family that is worth joining.

great music.   even without the boogityboogityboogity,  amen.   (see below for a new twisti think erin may have been right all along.   the prayer is growing on me.)

preaching about faithfulness is both frightening and inspiring at the same time.

can’t believe how many people commented on the whole father-child thing.   dads…tell your children “well done”  often.

i know i’ve said this before,  but the reality is pressing in.   our second hour nearly packed the room.   and we were missing 50-60 regulars.   there could be complete chaos if people all decided to show up on the same sunday.   we need a plan.   i wonder if the answer is in one of those leadership books i haven’t finished?

have a great week.

enjoy the video.   the song will be stuck in your head…

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