What is God doing…again?

I already admitted that I was over-thinking on this one…

So in the lives of God’s people, if everything is going peachy…numbers are up…money is up…programs are great…people are being saved…the music rocks…the word is being taught…lives are changing…babies aren’t crying as much…the a/c is colder than normal…then we can safely assume that God is doing these great things?

But if the numbers are down…the sermons are boring…the music is a snoozer…the baptism water has algae…people are unruly…we’re always begging for money…the building is in bad shape…the pastor doesn’t doesn’t write books or speak at conferences…do we conclude that God is not moving so much or that we are doing stuff by our own effort and God is not really behind what we are doing?

Or do we shrug our shoulders and say, “Whatever. God predestined it. He made it all happen anyway.”?

Or maybe we could give God a little jump start and get him moving again, if we would pray more.

So it’s confession time. I really don’t have the answers on this one. And I’m pretty sure I’ve made a mountain out of a red ant hill. (It’s a Texas thing…)

Maybe all of us should spend less time speaking for God…and less time analyzing his movement…and less time being confident we know exactly what it is that God is doing…and a lot more time simply obeying his word.



6 thoughts on “What is God doing…again?

  1. Even though we might preach/teach against the prosperity gospel, it’s amazing how aspects of that message seep deeply into our views of God; namely: if I do what is “right” then God has to bless that with good things. As I was reading, Job 1:21 came to mind, “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised.” Job doesn’t give (or know) any reason why the Lord took what he had away. He just rests in the fact that God is God and he is not, no matter what the situation is.

    Great post Mike! Definitely something to think about this morning.

  2. This sort of reminds me of the phrase, “God Bless America”. (only, not in a public school or a courtyard- dont bless us there God… please dont mess up our efforts there) just bless us at ball games and on Veteran’s Day.

    I mean, I know what your saying MIke. We DONT know what he’s doing- it’d require nothing of us if we did. Whether things are great- Hey, we’re blessed!! or we’re being attacked, “Hey, God hates me!”… NO (and Job is a GREAT example).

    I’m just bleeding over the sentiment. (& you thought you over-analyzed- PETA has picketed outside my house over beaten horses).

    So, not only do your questions ring true for Christians and their meeting places… it sort of does for the “rest” of our neighbors too.

    “God Bless America”. Sometimes stated, sung, prayed… begged upon. As we approach 9/11…I’m wondering how many Americans blamed God for those occurrences… ? Why is it that God, not “Satan”- was the perpetrator and blamed one? Why is hatred constantly thrown towards God and not Satan? Why is God the ultimate blame rag used to wipe away false reasoning?

    Why is “God” a still ok damning phrase in a world that does nothing but prove that he’s nonexistent… if that’s the case why not make Unicorns some form of damning phrase icon…I digress…

  3. Both of the scenarios you write of IMO are effect. So what’s the cause?
    And being a part of a church with 1000s of members is not my cup of tea either.


    Is it a borning sermon cause the preacher did it the night before?
    Does the preacher get a pass cause he was a the hospital,funeral,wedding all week?

    Is the music crappy cause the band just played the chords good enough to get through a Sunday morning?
    It’s a small church, the band will Always get a pass for their just OK moments.

    Does the babtistry have algae cause the same person that does EVERYTHING at the church got too busy?

    Are we pathetic enough as believers that we know if we limp along in life and halfa@@ all God’s work, Jesus still has our back?

    A person know’s when they are lazy. I know when I am.

  4. I think you’re onto something here. Over time, I’ve gotten the same impression from going to Watermark. It’s a huge church and I think God is doing great things through that church body, but when it was talked about in a sermon, it was always in an understood relation to something that was happening. For example, some paraphrased quotes:

    “We’ve raised $14 million for our new worship center…man God is really moving in here.”

    “Over 700 people went to the retreat…God’s really gonna get to work through these people.”

    “We’re seeing so many new people come in here daily…God’s really doing something in this city.”

    That’s not that I disagree with any of the above statements, but to link them together and claim that God HAS to be at work because (fill in the blank), then I think there’s a little hitch in theology there.

  5. My question is does God work in mediocrity?

    We state at church God move mountains for church buildings, missions, children’s ministry etc.

    We also state God works when we pray for the needy and I’ll. And if for example the person or people you pray for die, we then say they are in a better place and God was there and knew what was right all along.

    I guess I am wondering do we believe God moves while Sitting at the dinner table with friends or chatting with your wife at the end of the day or at your desk at work.

    If you are a believer then God is always moving. Lots of money,no money good health bad health.

    I wonder if the non church question is: Is God really really there? and not What is God doing?

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