why is it that picture-taking of the second child is never as important as it was for the first child?   speaking of memories,  it’s pretty hard to believe it’s been 26 years since my second child was born.

i think the problem of picture-taking is the same for posting pictures on a blog,  also,  i suppose…

here are a few of nolan patrick farra.   the awesome  nolan patrick farra.   chris and melissa do pretty good work.

not bad.

…and in case you’re wondering,  i’ve also included an update of the great holden.

life is good.

i’m off for my annual trip to the colorado wilderness to spend time with youth ministers from around the country.   hard to believe that i’m still asked to come and talk to these guys year after year about their lives,  their marriages,  their youth ministries.   it’s incredibly humbling.

i’ll send some greetings from the mountains later.


3 thoughts on “Nolan

  1. You had to go there with the second child not having as many photos. Ashlee has beat on me about this forever.. she’s more than made up for it with the amount of photos she’s been in since she turned 13, but… I can’t help it if I dropped the camera off the fridge right before she was born.

  2. this is so mind blowing… I mean the grandkids and all.
    Last time I saw the “begats” they were like 6 and 3.

    FB was funny in the beginning when folks would post photo’s of themselves and you’re like (who are you again?)…and you had to look at their photo’s from 20 years ago (cuz’ that’s how your mind remembers them, time took a photo and stopped) and go “oh yea, that guy/girl” … now I remember!…

    These little photo’s of Holden… this one reminds me of Corey…
    but seriously, its crazy how much Holden looks like his daddy- when he was that age; which is how I remember his daddy- to this day.

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