Starting a new week

just doing a little reading and reflecting tonight and i came across something the apostle paul said to the believers in corinth a couple thousand years ago:

“Everything is permissible for me”–but not everything is beneficial.   “Everything is permissible for me”–but I will not be mastered by anything.   1 Corinthians 6:12

i’m pretty sure i don’t have any idea of the depth of this teaching,  but what i do know has changed my life.

there is a whole lot of stuff that jesus and the apostles make perfectly clear we are to avoid.   because they say so.   the list isn’t particularly long,  but it is explicit.   no excuses for not reading the book and learning the list.

but then there’s another list.   behaviors that fall into moral ambiguity…conduct whose value is open to debate because there is nothing explicit  in scripture to overturn its practice.   it is to those actions and attitudes that paul writes these words of wisdom…all is permissible,  but everything is beneficial.

but we can’t miss the glue of the teachingeven though i have the freedom to do a lot of things…things that everybody else around me does with no conscience and great regularity…i will not be mastered by anything.

everything would be different,  if we would obey this teaching.


some random thoughts on the past few days:

  • eating and preaching at the same time is an intense experience.
  • the black magic woman  intro to start our opening big show song was pure genius…
  • i’m thinking a crazy train  intro to not to us  could be pretty sweet.
  • game one ranger hangover evidently took its toll on sunday attendance.
  • the rain this weekend was amazing.
  • it’s time for a little NP momentum to start building.   soon.   really.
  • hope people are getting serious about advent conspiracy.   time is ticking.
  • coming back to NP after being gone for a weekend is like a breath of fresh air for my soul.
  • as for bowling sunday night…my team lost by one pin.  twice.   i can still hear your smug chuckle,  parker.
  • i’m tired of tim tebow haters.   give the kid a chance.   he could be great.   too bad,  for me,  that he’s a bronco.
  • as bizarre and eccentric as al davis was,  i think he was the single most influential figure in american football history.   his pop culture legacy is profound.   i was sad when i heard of his death.   without him,  there would have been no raiders…or chargers.
  • speaking of the chargers,  they are a pretty weak 4-1.   ugh.
  • i bought a farmer discount card  for $10 last month.   we’ve already got money back on great 2 for 1 values.   i bought a marcus marauder discount card  for $20 yesterday.   i’m a bleeding heart sucker.   it has no good deals.   i hope the marcus soccer program buys some fancy hoodies with my money…
  • the rangers might go undefeated all the way to the world series championship.   they are that good.   and the other three teams look that weak.   start working on your happy dance  ranger faithful.
  • nelson cruz looks unstoppable.   the ranger bullpen looks unhitable.   lethal.
  • got my regular steroid shots to the knees this afternoon.   looking forward to wednesday when the juice reaches its peak.   i can feel it already.
  • favorite new show of the fall?  Pan Am.   it’s a cheesy,  sort-of-realistic,  period piece for baby boomers.   it takes wanda and i back to our teenage years.

the final word?   north pointers…come home.   it’s time for a full house again.   have a great week.


4 thoughts on “Starting a new week

  1. Ah Padre, I know the shot feeling. I just received another dose of Synvisc. Happy knee again. Not quite as happy as last time, but oh well. Holding off my happy dance for six more wins. and definitely glad that Nellie’s bat is back. I think I’m finally over my Game 1 Ranger Hangover. It’s a long drive back from the ballpark. 🙂

  2. If I was smiling because we won 2 games by 1 point, it was not due to beating your team. We got run out of the house the week before.

    Can’t wait to share our “intro” to my Church Bass brethren on the bass forum.

    Tebow for Romo??
    Who’s in?

  3. No one but me cares I’m sure, but Pam Am is greatness because it’s Jack Orman (writer from ER) and Tommy Schlamme (director of the West Wing). I have very very high hopes, and have yet to be disappointed….

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