My thoughts exactly…

i may not be any smarter for having lived the past few days…but you will be.

i did a bunch of babysitting on friday and saturday.   it’s a lot of work.   my body is not cut out to hang with a two-and-a-half year old the way it used to.   but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

went to my first cowboy game at the deathstar today.   thanks for the invite,  jason!

i will go ahead and take personal responsibility for the win.   just sayin’.   i’m expecting some kind of show of gratitude from jerry and red jesus.

$30 parking on the side of a sonic…and only a twenty-minute walk to the stadium.   what a deal.   getting frisked and then  walking up four levels to our seats.   sweet.   i love football.

i can’t seem to find the time to finish my backyard deck remodel.   it just ain’t happening.

speaking of my backyard,  my dogs found a huge,  bloody,  headless rat-ish looking rodent last night.   both of them were kind of miffed that we didn’t let them bring it inside.   now  that  didn’t happen very often back in huntington beach.

i think the main reason i get disappointed when attendance is low at NP on a sunday morning is because the new people who come don’t get an accurate picture of who we are.   we’ve been having a lot of  first-timers showing up the past five or six weeks…and only a few of them have returned.   i can’t help but wonder if their experience  might have been more positive with more bodies and more energy and more connection.   i know mine always is.

really enjoying listening to mumford and sons,  o.a.r.,  and josh wilson these days.

the jalapeno chicken ranch sandwich at burgers and brats is killer.

saturday night i was ready to gift wrap the world series trophy and give it to albert pujols.   the sixth-inning home run he hit off the face of the third deck came off the most amazing swing i have ever seen in my life.   pure ruthian.   i really thought the rangers were toast.

tonight he was merely pedestrian and shut down by  what might be the worst mustache in all of professional sports.   does derek holland not have a good friend who will speak the truth to him?   in spite of the bad ‘stache,  the two-hitter was epic.   the game is back on.   i want the rangers.   i think they are the better team.   but the series is a toss up.

this weekend was perfect jeep weather.

i can’t believe i dissed the pledge of allegiance to the texas flag in my sermon.   i’m sorry.   i will drink from a spit cup to prove my loyalty to my friends.

i bought an apple tv to use for middle school bible study.   way cool.

best tweet from today came from “the bill walton”  (a fake BW…funnier than the original),  after tim tebow had really struggled during the first three quarters of the miami game:   Unfortunately for Denver, Tim Tebow cannot convert 3rd downs with the same ease that he converts young Filipino children to Christianity.   now that’s a tweet.

preaching through the sermon on the mount is more humbling than i ever imagined.   looking forward to peacemaking this week.

be pure.


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