A pretty crazy weekend

wow.   i’m beginning to think that a peaceful,  relaxing weekend is nothing more than a commercial i see on television…

i didn’t go to sleep earlier than 1:00am on any night.   just when i think i’m starting to train my body to shut down at a more reasonable hour,  i wander back to my default settings.   looks like i’m running out of time to become an early-to-bedder.

friday afternoon,  we started dog-sitting corey and lindsey’s two boxers,  rowdy and hurley,  for the weekend.   they are appropriately named.   they are huge and playful and think they are lap dogs.   they are real  dogs,  not like the little yapping rodent-canines that live in our house permanently.   the four of them have formed an uneasy friendship,  though.

i’m not really fond of big dog slobber.

i still haven’t finished even phase one of my backyard deck remodel.   i’m beginning to think this may never happen.

the collective psyche of ranger fandom may be scarred for years after this past week.   bucknerized.   bartman’d.   bambinoed.   i hope not.   i’m counting on wash and nolan to impose their baseball wills on this team.   the ranger faithful are counting on it.   i’m counting on it.

being a die-hard san diego padre and charger fan,  my team expectations are always tempered.   and as i have said here and here,  i have pretty much learned how to manage my emotions in the face of my favorite sports teams winning and losing.

however,  there was nothing that prepared me for the emotional emptiness and sorrow i experienced watching my boys lose the final playoff games of their competitive careers.

you know those days when you just try to squeeze in too much?   that was saturday.   waaaay too much.

north point trunk or treat  was awesome!   we had a non-stop flow of new and old people.   totally fun.   the weather was perfect.   the carnival games our people came up with were really cool.   the whole thing was definitely worth it.   i love being part of our community.

i think there were some kids that had way too much fun throwing water-filled sponges at my face.   i can still hear them giggling as they tossed them…along with the sinister laughs of their parents.

the three overtime usc-stanford game late saturday night was one of the best college football games i have seen in years.   i hope the lsu-alabama lives up to the hype this weekend.

we had a good sunday morning at north point yesterday.   a lot of people back in town.   new faces…always a good thing.   the children’s program was packed!   as i said yesterday,  angela is an amazing children’s pastor.   our growth in kid’s ministry is right on the verge of getting out of control.

i have fully transitioned to preaching from my iPad.   i’m over the fear of touching the pad and making my notes disappear.   and i’m saving the environment…one tree at a time.

the youth group guys have fully confiscated my office and made it their own on sunday mornings.   glad you guys feel at home.   now clean up your mess.

we had about 25 men show up after the 11:15 service to look at ways they can get involved with north point building improvements.   i was super encouraged.   now its time to get to work.

i know i’m probably the minority.   i may be the only one.   but i always love going with a big group to cabana for lunch on sundays.

i think my bowling team is going to have to scramble to keep from finishing in the cellar…again.   this season has been more of the same for me.   i can’t seem to figure out how to be consistent.   the story of my whole life,  i suppose.   no matter.   i love bowling with friends.

finished off a non-stop weekend by babysitting our grandsons till nearly 11:00 last night,  so mom and dad could go on a date.   the things we do…

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.   Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.   James 3:17-18


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