Letters to Holden…and Nolan.

little dudes…

this has been a rough week for fathers and sons.  

someday,  maybe eight or nine years from now,  your dad will explain to you what happened at penn state university and the fall of the great joe paterno back in the fall of 2011.

this week,  the world learned that some dads let their sons down.   and those sons let other people down.   and because of that,  some little boys had their lives crushed and their innocence robbed.

it makes me sad to say this to you,  but the world you live in is not a safe place.   there are monsters that lurk around.   but don’t be fooled.   they look like normal people.   on the surface,  they will act like they care about you.   they will try to gain your trust.   they will say things and do things to try to win your friendship.   but they are not your friends.   they only mean you harm.

your mom and dad will help you recognize the monsters.   listen carefully.   pay attention.   your little lives will depend on it.

your mom and your dad are going to do their best to protect you.   sometimes,  it will  feel like they are going overboard.   sometimes they are going to say “no”,  when you want to say “yes”.    when you get a little older,  it will probably bug you.    but you need to trust them.

your mom and dad will teach you how to keep yourself safe,  because they won’t be able to be with you every moment of everyday.   there will be a time when you have to stand on your own.   but you will never have to be alone as you walk your paths.

grow wise,  grasshoppers.



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