My life is insured

i suppose i should be sleeping better tonight.

i completed my final medical test this week and got all my paperwork submitted and i am now eligible to get some “better” life insurance than i have ever had.

* i know you can never be too safe,  but i just spent two hundred dollars to have a dermatologist look at a spot i’ve had on my cheek since i was a child….and have him tell me it’s a freckle.   really?

funny.   i don’t feel any different.   maybe wanda does  (with the fat,  new insurance policy in her name on the way) ,  but i don’t.

it’s kind of weird thinking about this stuff.   i know i’m 57,  but i still don’t see myself this way.   life insurance and social security and colonoscopies and baby aspirin and senior citizen discounts are for other people.

i’m not afraid of growing old.   i’m not avoiding it.   i’m not living in denial.   i just have a lot left to do.

…and i don’t need no stinking insurance policy to know that my life and my future are in good hands.


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