Letters to Holden and Nolan

to my favorite little men…

it sure was fun to have you guys over to our house this evening for thanksgiving dinner.   thanksgiving has always been the favorite in the farra house since as far back as i can remember.   even when i was a little boy like you guys!

you’ll learn more about this stuff as the years go by,  but there are a lot of things that go into making thanksgiving memories for us:   home made sweet rolls for breakfast,  helping mimi in the kitchen  (it’s her favorite day of the year),  watching football all day,  everybody getting their own favorite pie,  sparkling cider to drink,  your mom and uncle corey telling private jokes,  and way more than i can write here.

but there’s more to thanksgiving than a big family holiday.   there’s more to thanksgiving than remembering the history of our nation.   there’s more to thanksgiving than a week off of school  (when you get bigger).

thanksgiving is one of those times where it’s okay to be really grateful for what you have…your family…your friends…the house you live in…the food you get to eat…all the great things your mom and dad provide for you…fun with your brother…you name it.

but i want to warn you both about a couple of things.   first,  never ever  forget people who don’t have much at all.   it’s really easy to turn our backs and ignore people who have barely enough to live.   but we can’t ever do that.  

also,  there will be times in your lives when things get really tough.   you may get sick or stuff may happen that makes you really,  really sad.   you might even get scared or mad or feel like things that are happening are unfair and difficult to face.

but one of the things i learned a long,  long time ago was to be thankful for everything and not just the good things that happen.   the bible tells us to “give thanks in all things,  because that’s what god wants from us”.   it may seem kind of strange to be thankful for the bad things in your lives,  but you need to learn.

it won’t be the good things that make you deep and strong and wise and kind and compassionate.   no way.   it will be the tough things that god will use to build you into young men of great character and big hearts.   it will be the hard times you go through that will make you strong and give you confidence.

giving thanks isn’t always easy,  but you can do it.  

grow wise,  grasshoppers.



One thought on “Letters to Holden and Nolan

  1. Mike, I am very frequently touched, challenged and blessed by your musings, but for me your Letters to Holden and Nolan is consistently among your best work…. I am undoubtedly biased by being a grandpa…. nonetheless…. thank your blog


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