Letters to Holden and Nolan

holden and nolan…

yesterday,  i told some of my friends about a dad who got way out of control at his son’s basketball game.   (by the way,  your daddy was the referee!)

this dad said lots of things to his son that he should have never said.   he yelled at his son to work harder and to play better and to act different on the court.   everybody…including his son…could tell that he was totally disappointed in the way his young boy was performing.

it made me sad.   it would have made you guys sad,  too.

i bet you guys might play sports someday.   your daddy did…he was a quarterback in football and was a really good baseball player.   your mom was a swimmer.   your uncle corey and aunt lindsey were pretty fair athletes, too.   both of them coach in high school right now.   i even played sports a long, long time ago.   i think being an athlete may be in your genes.   but if it’s not,  i just want you to know it’s okay.

your mom and dad have a bunch of other interests that they will teach you about.   they both love art and music.   your mom was quite a dancer.   your dad has a real computer nerdy side.   they are both teachers and super smart and love education.   i hope you get to know how good a guitar player your dad really is.    she doesn’t talk much about this,  but your mom was even a cheerleader.   sort of.   you need to make her tell you about it,  someday…

i guess what i’m saying is that you guys will have the opportunities to do just about anything.   and  i’m sure it will always be okay with your mom and dad whatever you choose.   sure…they will want you to work hard and do things well and try your best…but they will love you no matter what.

and so will i.

grow wise,  grasshoppers.



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