Letters to Holden and Nolan

dear peanut and pickle…

grandparents are weird.   they come in all shapes and sizes.   some kids get to have long and close relationships with their grandparents.   some kids are not close to their grandparents at all.   some kids (like me) don’t even get to meet their grandparents.

i hope we get to be close for a long,  long time.

some grandparents act like parents.   mimi does a little.   i usually don’t even try to stop her.   i think she misses being a mom of little dudes.   every time you come over,  you remind her of the great times she had with your daddy and your uncle corey.

pretty much.

but we’re not your parents.   don’t even want to be.   you can look at us as your never-ending-sources-of-joy-pleasure-and-good-times.

my goal is to never say “no” to you.   unless you’re in danger,  of course.   i want you to see mimi and papi’s house as one large playground for your enjoyment.

look.   here’s a secret:   i know your mommy and daddy want me to help teach you good manners and healthy eating habits and to support their parenting decisions for your routines and all that.   that’s their job and they do it really well.   but when it comes to my responsibility……………meh.

when we’re together,  we get to have fun.   milk shakes and yelling at the tops of our lungs and climbing on the furniture and making huge messes.   and mimi can clean it all up,  because it reminds her of being a mom.   sweet deal.

and holden,  if your mommy or daddy get to the house to pick you up before mimi can get everything back to normal,  we’ll just look  at nolan and blame it on him.   this should work for another couple of years,  at least.   we’ll worry about a new plan later.

so remember.   eating gummi bears for dinner and watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of  “kermit and the swamp”  and playing catch in the living room is what we do.   we’ll try hard not to break stuff,  but memories are worth more than anything we own.

there is a time and a place to eat green beans and take mandatory naps and sit quietly like choir boys and not make messes.

…just not at mimi and papi’s house.

grow wise,  grasshoppers.



3 thoughts on “Letters to Holden and Nolan

  1. You are such a grandparent. That made me laugh. I wish my father had the opportunity to do more of that with my children.

  2. I loved it Mike! Can’t wait to join the ranks of grandparents this coming January – our son and wife are having a girl – Lilly Rae Elliott – doesn’t that sound amazing! Hello to Wanda for me – Jolene

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