Clippers Bandwagon

i just want to make it abundantly clear that i have been a los angeles clipper fan longer than anyone else in the world.

i was an immediate fan as soon as they moved the franchise from buffalo to san diego in 1978.   i cheered for swen nater and kermit washington and freeman williams and the amazing world b. free…as my hometown heroes.

i was ecstatic when bill walton moved back home to SD to join the clippers in 1979.   for me,  he will always be the greatest all-around center in the history of the NBA.   too bad his long list of injuries will always soften my argument.   by the way,  1979 also brought the clips bingo smith and joe bryant…kobe’s daddy.

i was so hopeful in 1982 when this millionaire dude named donald sterling bought my team.   two years later,  i cursed the day he did it.   that’s when he moved the franchise to los angeles.    he…and the entire franchise have been beyond miserable ever since.   yuck.

i could go on and on.   it’s been mostly horrible being a clipper fan all these years.   embarrassed to be known as the worst franchise in the NBA for over 25 years.   the laughing stock of basketball fans around the world.   the curse that rivals boston and the great bambino.   two decades of being the red-headed step child of the lakers.

i hate the lakers.   being a clipper fan in the backyard of the lakers has been excruciatingly painful.

but i have always stayed true.   they are my team.

i have lived 17 years in texas.   i have never met…or even heard of…another clipper fan here.   and trust me…i have taken my fair share of grief in the great state over my clipper loyalty.

but i have persevered.   things have finally started to turn around.   maybe.   i’m always aware of the “curse”.   but i am hopeful.   chris paul,  chauncey billups,  caron butler,  deandre jordan,  and blake griffin  have a way of inspiring me right now.   and they spanked the lakers last night.

so for all of you who will consider joining the clipper bandwagon…you need to ask me first.

no.   i really mean it.


8 thoughts on “Clippers Bandwagon

  1. The Chris Paul trade is a great thing for the Clippers and (I can’t believe I’m typing this) but they look to be the best team (as of now…) that plays at Staples this season… I believe the hi-lights reels with “Alley Oop” Dunks should be plentiful from “the other team” in Los Angeles…

    Just Think, If the pre-season “hype” plays out, The Clippers and Thunder could play for the right to compete in the 2012 NBA Finals…

  2. Looks like we made the pilgrimage to the Staples Center one year too soon …. Bummer!

    Enjoy the ride should be fun to watch it play out.

  3. I have to verify your lengthy commitment to the Clippers…… remember the night you organized a bunch of us HB guys to go to the Sports Area and watch them play Chicago…. actually we went to see Michael Jordan score 50+ points and do the unbelievable with a basketball…. have to admit the Clips looked pretty good last night given only a couple of days of practice together…

  4. Enjoy it while you can. Will Chris Paul now drop a basket of laundry on his foot and be out a year? Will Blake Griffin sneeze too hard and pull a lower back muscle? Can’t wait to see who ends up in hospital next…Go Lakers! May the Ghost of Chick Hearn haunt you this Christmas season.

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