Letters to Holden and Nolan

hey little elves…

as you grow older,  you’re gonna hear a lotta stuff about christmas.   i thought i’d try to help you out a little.

around our house,  we love the christmas season.   mimi goes completely wacky over the whole thing.   she’s getting a little better,  but we’ve still got boxes  and boxes of lights and garland and stuff to hang on the walls and little ceramic santas and angels and tons of other stuff.

for me,  the coolest thing we get to do is have a christmas tree in our house.   we have lots of special ornaments that hang on the tree.   we even have two picture ornaments that shows what your daddy looked like when he was little.   we have them for uncle corey,  too.

i love the smell of the tree.   we always have a real one.   it’s just one of our traditions.   we have a lot of others that you’ll get to know as you grow older.

mimi loves to collect nativity scenes.   i think she has about forty of them she has gathered through the years.   nativities are little picture stories that show us about the birth of the baby jesus.   those nativities  mean a lot to us.

you see,  at mimi and papi’s house,  there are two main christmas characters:  santa claus and the baby jesus.   and they both play an important role in our lives,  not just during the christmas season,  but all year long.

there are a bunch of stories about santa claus.   most of them are wonderful and heartwarming and tell the tale of a legendary,  rotund,  joyous, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with a white collar and cuffs…who lives at the north pole with magical elves and flying reindeer…and brings gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of christmas eve.

the story of santa claus is one of the ways we taught your daddy and uncle corey to use their imaginations.   the gift of imagination is one of the greatest and most special presents that god gives to his little children…because it’s with your imagination that you will begin to see and understand the greatness of jesus…and that he is so much more than a nativity story we bring out of a box once a year.

people make a big deal about whether christmas is more about santa or more about the birth of jesus.   it might even get a little confusing for you guys someday.

but i’ve always chosen to see the one really big similarity the stories of jesus and santa have with each other:  someday,  you’ll have to decide whether either of them is true or not.

and nobody can make that decision for you.

merry christmas and grow wise,  grasshoppers.



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