Just saying…

so i just finished reading the february issue of  “church relevance”…a nationally recognized blog devoted to the study and evaluation of significant churches…and the collating of information from various lists of top churches in america that are published each year.

according to the publication,  there are roughly 320,000 churches in america…and through some kind of intricate system of fact-gathering, churches are evaluated in the areas of growth, innovation, church planting, size, influence, and overall.  then the ones that score the highest in said areas are ranked and listed.

alas…yet another year has gone by and our renegade church in old town has failed to measure up.



5 thoughts on “Just saying…

  1. Someday maybe the rest of the Christians who aren’t listed in the latest church growth magazine will be worthy and perhaps, just perhaps, make a difference for Jesus!

    1. david! how did you find me? were you just out slumming on the internet? bring me up to date sometime. how’s the camp?

  2. I wonder how the “church” that Jesus led would measure up…… Living by faith and following Christ was never meant to be a beauty contest. Quite the opposite. Far too often we get caught up in looking the part and we forget the whole following His example thing.

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