My journey

ok.   it’s confession time.

four weeks ago,  i had a sort of a wake up call.

it’s not really much of a secret that i have really struggled the past five or six years to sustain any motivation to work out.   after a lifetime of playing competitive sports of all kinds,  i no longer play.   anything.   at least anything that makes me sweat.

and bowling doesn’t make me sweat.

over the years,  i’ve tried to stayed committed to walking as much as possible.   but most of the time,  it doesn’t look much like power walking,  though.

so four weeks ago,  i come to this realization.   i’m going to be going on the youth group mission trip to arizona for a week and i’m going to have to do physical labor for four consecutive days.   all day.   and i’m not ready.

my knees ache.   torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder.   bone chips in my right elbow.   arthritis in both hands.   bulging disc in my lower back.   metal in my ankles.   pretty much muscle atrophy all over.   thirty pounds over weight.   pathetic.

and i’ve got to work…lift and carry…like i haven’t for quite a while.

right as i’m trying to figure out how i’m going to ship a golf cart out to arizona for a week,  i find out about a a plan that wanda’s insurance company is offering.   through blue cross-blue shield,  i can join our local 24-hour fitness for next to nothing and pay $25 per month with no contract.   just pay and play.

honestly,  i don’t know what has gotten into me,  but i’m back in the gym 4-5 days per week.   sweating.   lifting.   pushing myself.   headphones on.   music at mega-decibels.   making it hurt like it did twenty years ago.   my lifting weights have nearly tripled in a month.

the muscles in my left shoulder are developing and compensating for the tear.   my hams and quads are stronger than they’ve been in years and that,  combined with the steroid shots,  is super reducing the pain.   my body feels fifteen years younger.

i haven’t lost much weight,  but i think that will come with time.   (i still like eating way too much.   shows on the food network are killing me!).   so maybe its time to break out the padre’s biggest loser – 2012  after we get back from the mission trip.   what do you think?

i certainly think that working out and getting fit can easily turn into narcissistic self-worship in our culture.   i’m too old,  too slow,  and too sore for any of that for happen to me…but i’m no different from anyone else.   it will always be a daily grind to offer my very best to god…in every area of my life.   body…soul…mind…spirit.

and making sure first things stay first.


2 thoughts on “My journey

  1. I’m all about participating in the biggest loser. I haven’t had the motivation to go into the gym and my knees are letting me know.

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