Arizona Day Two

There is so much wrong with the way our country has treated native American Indians…and continues to…I cannot even begin to describe it.

Every politician…every civic leader…every teacher of young people…every follower of Christ…should spend time in the sovereign nation of a native tribe.

Eyes would be opened. Hearts would break. Righteous indignation would have to be beaten back. Humility would grow.

Compassion would be ignited. Repentance would be called for. Life lessons would be learned. Solidarity with the poor would be forged. Impulses of judgmental superiority would be shattered.

No room for Pharisees. No room for walls. No room for segregation.

It’s happening to us.

It’s good for us to be here.



2 thoughts on “Arizona Day Two

  1. I am glad that their are people that see past the casinos and realize how obressed and segregated these original american people are. I’m so proud of my church for reaching out.

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