Letters to Holden and Nolan

peanut and pickle…

sorry i haven’t written you guys in a while.   life sure has a way of getting complicated and busy and it gets really easy to put important things on the side.   i wish it weren’t that way.   i don’t like neglecting you.

the other night,  i went out to watch your daddy umpire a baseball game.   he was awesome.   it was a really difficult game and there were a lot of people who got mad and things got really tense for a while.   i was so proud of your daddy… the way he handled the conflict…the way he kept his cool…the way he continued work like a pro.   he was great.

but a lot of other people weren’t.

i hate having to tell you guys this,  but sometimes adults are going to let you down.   you should always be able to count on them to tell the truth and treat you with respect and be the ones to set the example,  but that just isn’t the way it is in the world these days.

sometimes adults…the people we count on to lead the way…act in really bad ways.   the very people you should be looking up to could be the same people who tell you lies,  reject you,  treat you poorly or even turn against you.   it shouldn’t be this way,  but it can be.

i’ve worked with kids my whole life, and sometimes those same kids can be more mature than their own parents.   sometimes coaches can act really mean.   sometimes teachers will be totally unfair.   sometimes politicians will lie.   sometimes the police will go too far.   sometimes good people will do really bad things.   sometimes church people will act nothing like jesus.

nobody’s perfect.   but it’s really a shame that the people your little hearts look up to and trust…the adults that are in charge of the world you find yourselves growing up in…can be the same people who hurt you,  scare you,  and discourage you.

but you can make it.   be smart.   trust your mommy and daddy.   they won’t steer you in the wrong direction.  be careful that you don’t ever follow people blindly.   learn to forgive the adults who come into your life.   they have much to offer you.   but they will make mistakes.   we all do.

don’t ever put people on pedestals.   we all fall short.   there’s only been one person who ever lived a perfect life.   all the rest of us come in a really distant second place.

it won’t be long before your mommy and daddy will have to trust you to the care of other adults.   it will be the hardest thing they have ever done.   mimi and i had to do it with your daddy and uncle corey…and i remember how hard it was for us.   and just like us,  they will do it…with a lot of trust and a lot of prayer.

and you will help them by being ready for the relationships you will have with those important adults that come into your life.

grow wise grasshoppers.



One thought on “Letters to Holden and Nolan

  1. Mike, I am often blessed by the things you write, but your Letters to Holden and Nolan are rapidly becoming my favorite….. maybe it is because I have “grasshoppers” of my own.

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