The Biggest Loser…returns.

well,  you knew it was only a matter of time.

the padre’s biggest loser is back.   and none too late.

for the uninitiated,  the padre’s biggest loser is a way for you to shed some unwanted poundage that you have added over the last year.   or more.

the padre’s biggest loser is a competition between team madre  (wanda’s team of women) and team padre (mike’s team of men).

start date:  wednesday,  april 11
end date: wednesday,  july 4

that’s twelve weeks…84 days…almost three months.   that’s plenty of time to do some serious weight damage!

rules for individuals:

  • weigh yourself…you probably need to tell someone else for accountability.
  • you don’t have to make your weight public.
  • every tuesday, you report how many pounds you lost in the previous week.
  • if you are on team madre,  you report to wanda…if you are on team padre,  you report to mike.
  • you can send your weight loss three ways:  text,  email,  or here on the blog.
  • if you gain any weight and then lose it again, those pounds do not count.   example:

o starting weight = 150
o week 1 – 3lbs lost (147)
o week 2 – 2lbs lost (145)
o week 3 – 3lbs gained (148)
o week 4 – 2lbs lost…do not count (146)
o week 5 – 2lbs lost…only one counts (144)
o make sense? no rewards for yo-yo losing!

  • you can report your weight gain for accountability or not.    if you don’t want to admit it, just report no weight loss.
  • again…you don’t have to tell how much you weigh…only how much you lose each week!

rules for teams:

  • recruit people to be on your team…our goal is to have the same number of men and women.
  • it would be great if each team member would subscribe to my blog,  in order to make weekly reports…but more importantly,  to get up to date reports.
  • on next friday,  i’ll post the total number of team members…so get busy!

general rules:

  • you can use any weight loss plan you choose.
  • we won’t keep track of inches lost…even though you should definitely do that personally.
  • i’ll probably ask you to tell about your plan by commenting on my blog…optional, but could be really good.
  • for the next three months, you’ll get to keep up on “The Padre’s Biggest Loser” every wednesday on my blog…full of helpful hints, encouragement, stories, and suggestions from all of us!

so there it is.

anybody can make the commitment.   no matter where you live.   no matter if we know you or not.   you just need to join up and tell us who you are (so we know which team you go on).

do you need to lose some weight?   join the club!   is it hard to own up to it?   join the club!   are you tired of trying to do this alone?   well…join the club!

no more excuses.   join the club…  the padre’s biggest loser club!


10 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser…returns.

  1. Hey Mike, I want to do this! Do I need to contact Wanda? Let me know, since I only have two more days to plan this out! Can I do it with you guys living so far away? Thanks!

  2. I’d love to join you but I have already lost 34 pounds and only have about 10 to go. The next time we get together, Whataburger is probably out. 😦 I love the challenge – great way to do it. The accountability really works. That’s what did it for me. Peace, bro!

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