A thought on parenting

i love watching kid’s sports.   i have such amazing memories of my time as a dad that i got to watch my own boys play.   there’s probably not a day that goes by that i don’t wish i could go back and live it all over again.

and for all the losses and near misses and injuries and times that i thought my sons were not treated fairly  (just like ever other dad feels at one time or another) and tears and disappointments…i would take the experience again.   just as it was.   exactly the same.   it was that good.

tonight,  i got to watch chris umpire for a few innings…and then i stopped off and watched corey coach a few innings.   it just happened to work out that way.   a very cool little gift.   i also got to watch a bunch of parents…and some of it wasn’t pretty.

…and i was reminded,  at both games,  of an ugly reality.

it hurts me deeply to know that there are many kids that have to overcome the mess their parents make in their (the kids) lives.   i watch as kids act in certain ways and it is obvious it is in response to what they have experienced at home.

i see kids with no confidence…fear of failure…or bad attitudes.   i see kids who hunger for attention…who act out…or have discipline problems.   i see kids who crumble in the face of criticism.   i see kids who have the hallow eyes of being preoccupied with something else.   i see kids that are sad,  disinterested,  or angry.

i see young athletes that have already learned to be quitters.   i see young athletes who already have no resolve to stare adversity in the face.   i see young athletes that don’t know how to keep fighting when all appears to be lost.   i see young athletes who know nothing of endurance,  commitment,  tenacity,  follow through,  loyalty,  or selflessness.

they are clueless about what it means to take one for the team.

and i hold parents responsible.

parents need to realize that parenting isn’t a game.   it’s life and death.   every day is important.   every word is important.   every look is important.   we are the shapers of our own kid’s hearts and psyches.   nobody else will do this for us.  

our words can build up or tear down.   our presence can inspire or deflate.   our decisions can build confidence or undermine security.   our choices can encourage trust and loyalty or rob their joy and emotional well-being.

parents…you really only get one shot at this.

do it well.


okay all you losers…

today is the day you weigh in and start your weight loss plan.   happy losing.

for the record,  the guys are going to have to work extra hard.   team madre has twelve women and team padre has only five guys.   so here’s my challenge:

we need more guys!

both teams can add members at any time,  but the guys can’t be dropping too far behind this early.   so if you know of a guy who needs to drop a few…and could benefit by a little competition and accountability in the weight-loss area,  send them my way.



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