Some Sunday thoughts…

thinking back over the yesterday,  here’s some post-game analysis:

a thirty-minute sermon stands out for two reasons.  first,  there is not nearly enough time to speak on everything i’ve studied.   i will remember yesterday’s message more for all the things i didn’t say,  than what i did.   there is simply not enough time to cover everything and i worked harder on deciding  what to leave out,  than what i actually said.   seems odd.

second,  i am absolutely convinced that most preachers who speak longer than about thirty minutes,  could say just as much in less time.   i know when i go longer,  it’s almost always because i have not prepared well enough and i say more than i had planned.

people have told me that i should have the freedom to speak longer.   after all,  i am a pastor and god is communicating through me and his spirit is leading and i should be sensitive to what the spirit is doing.   also,  i am speaking about really important stuff that people need to hear.   and anybody who gets a little uncomfortable or antsy if god is leading me to speak longer is just showing their immaturity.   baloney.

i think it’s more important to keep my word.   we have made a commitment that our sunday morning big show will start on time and end on time.   promise keeping is a god-thing,  too.

even so,  i made some statements about “going to heaven” that needed more explanation.

your kingdom come,  your will be done…on earth as it is in heaven  are some of the most mystifying,  terrifying,  and motivating words to ever come out of jesus’ mouth.

mystifying…there has been a ton of disagreement and confusion in the church through the ages over exactly what jesus meant.   what is the kingdom?   what does it look like?   how is it supposed to look on earth?   is this a prayer that is to be prayed literally?   just exactly how does this will of god thing work?

terrifying…if we really pray,  with sincerity,  for the will of god  (what god wants ) to be a reality in our lives,  and that what we want will cease to be the driving force in our decision-making and action,  then our lives as we know them will cease to exist.   and if that’s not terrifying,  i don’t know what is.

motivating…need i say more?

had a bunch of new people at north point yesterday.   i love meeting new people.   i love it when new people connect with the personality and heartbeat of our church family.   it’s a pretty cool affirmation.

lunch with new and old yesterday was awesome.   it didn’t end for some of us until after 3:30.   now that’s what i call a good lunch!

a rim shot during a communion meditation?   only at north point.   wondering how much bill’s valentine’s day money comment really cost him…

the song choices really worked with the message.   singing a king english  song created an unexpected connection that added to the moment.   didn’t see that coming!

can’t wait to start studying on the next section of the lord’s prayer…give us this day our daily bread.   i gotta feeling i’m going to get rocked again.

have a great week.

lord,  your will be done.   nothing more.   nothing less.   nothing else.   amen.

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