Welcome to my world

wanda finally experienced it tonight.

we were checking out at our friendly ghetto walmart,  and the checker said to me,  “those are really good looking glasses,  sir.”

“thanks.   for some reason,  i get a lot of compliments on them.”

the checker…a young man in his twenties…went on to tell how a popular statesman back in his homeland of ghana wears the same kind and how much he had always liked them on that guy,  too.

“i just think they’re a good match for my round head.”

as we walked out,  wanda was laughing and shaking her head at how silly the whole exchange was.   i reminded her that it wasn’t the first time it had happened to me.   not by a long shot.   truth is,  my glasses are quite a hit with the young,  rectangle-rimmed,  hipster crowd.

“whoaaa…just like ozzy!”,  said the twenty-something jeff spicoli look-alike in sam’s club one day recently.   “where did you get those glasses?   i’ve been looking everywhere for a pair…”

he thought they were just fashion glasses.   i told him they were my real prescription glasses and he didn’t believe me until i let him put them on.   he was even more impressed they were progressive bifocals.   “whoaaa…these are awesome,  dude.”

ozzy osborne.   groucho marx.   john lennon.   harry potter.   sigmund freud.   steve jobs.

and me.

i’m pretty certain that round-framed glasses will be what all the cool kids are wearing before too long.

maybe i’ll be known as a geriatric fashionista.


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