It’s Monday again…

people think they have all the time in the world.

but the urgent wins out over the important every day.   the things we say are the most significant are often the things we put on hold.   we say they are of greatest value,  but our regular grind says otherwise.

what are you putting off?   what’s on “hold” in your life?   what are the desires of your heart that are not making it to your weekly schedule?   and i’m not talking about the patio remodel.

if our personal timeline reaches the average of what most people get,  we get about 25,000 days.   if we throw out the first 6,000 or so,  that leaves about 19,000 days where we get to take total responsibility for our choices.   so what are you doing with them?

we have to work and eat and pay a mortgage and mow the lawn.   we change diapers and change the oil and change the channels.   the mundane and the required are always present.

but that’s not what i’m talking about.

is building character a greater value than making money?   how do your daily choices reflect that?

what character deficiencies do you have that you choose to live with…rather than becoming relentless in your pursuit of change?   where do you continue to hurt the people you say you love?   what mistakes do you continue to make without altering your course?

are you surrounding yourself with people who challenge you and make you better?   do you have friendships where you can bear your soul?

do you walk close enough with people of wisdom and integrity and faith that it rubs off on you?   is it important enough for you to make it happen…even at the expense of your “free” time?

does your life reflect humble sacrifice and giving to others?

you say you have faith.   how do your daily decisions reveal it?   what are you doing in your life that requires trust and prayer?   or do you simply live by your own selfish impulses,  more often than not?

are you making time for solitude and listening to the wisdom of god…or are you living each day by your own instincts and what you think is best?    who is really at the center of your world?

what are you doing everyday to make your marriage deeper and stronger?

are your children becoming like you by default or by intention?   are your hopes and dreams for your children more for their success and well-being or for their character and faith and values?   what are you doing every day to make that happen?

it’s monday morning.   it’s a new week.   by god’s grace,  you may get another seven days to live.   will these be the best seven days of your life,  regardless of the circumstances?   will something deeper be going on in your heart and relationships…than just making it to next monday?

i hope so.


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday again…

  1. I thought your logo said “Mother’s day”. Then a started reading, too fast.
    I thought you were telling us to get our Mother’s day presents now and not to put it off.

    Yes, lets see what happens next Monday. How many flowers may have to be bought AFTER Mother’s Day. Or how many Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, or Toasters have to be returned.

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