You are who you want to be

*i wrote this six years ago.   i read it tonight by accident.   still amazingly true…

fred smith was a businessman,  a church leader and a mentor to countless other christian leaders.   he was an author and a speaker who has passed on his wisdom and sage advice to multiple generations.   he died several years ago,  at the age of 91.  even in his advanced age, he was still writing and operating a web site call “breakfast with fred”inspiring a new generation of church leaders to excellence.

i would like to grow old as he has.   here is a quote that he once wrote:

I have learned that people are the way they are because they want to be that way.  Now, I haven’t always believed this.  In fact, when I started out in life I wanted to be a social worker and I became extremely disillusioned with people.  Now I am totally convinced that each of us is the way we are because we want to be that way.  We rationalize and give all kinds of reasons that this isn’t true, but bottom line —you are choosing to be who you are.  When you have an opportunity to change and you don’t take it, you are deciding to be who you are.  And, of course, when you grow through challenging yourself, you are becoming who you want to be.  People want to be the way they are.

do you agree?  after all my years of pastoring,  counseling,  people helping,  team building and watching people become the people they are,  i am convinced that fred is right.   i realize that our sinful nature and the battle of the inner man that paul writes about in romans 7 is a profound and powerful mystery,   but this simple quote is legitimate and real.    raw…but real.

this is one of the greatest quotes…and greatest truths…of all time.

4 thoughts on “You are who you want to be

  1. I agree 100%. The poor and/or postive decisions I make for myself, and inevitably my family, are proof of me being who I want to be. I struggle daily with my demons, always lurking about waiting for me to give in to temptation. No human being can “set me straight” or make god decisions for me; that is my job, with Christ’s help of course. The moment I convince myself I know what is best for me, or what I can get away with, is the moment I abandon trust in Christ to guide me through life. We are all works in progress, and the progress (and/or potential regress) should not be attempted alone. He will never fail us, but we must be willing to let him work in us.

    1. kara, it always makes me smile with great memories when i see a comment roll in from you! i hope you are doing well

  2. Okay, you did it again Farrraaaaaaaa….that was one to remember for always….just like the one I repeat to others all the time, “It’s not what happens to you, or what people say to you…it’s how you REACT!!!”….You have taught me so many life lessons that I will carry with me forever and pass on to those around me…today’s quote was yucky, but great!

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