Fired up on Monday morning…

wanda and i got away up to oklahoma city this past weekend.   not as exotic as barbados or cabo,  but pretty cool,  none-the-less.

we went to the murrah federal building memorial,  drove along old route 66 to the rock cafe (a pretty famous biker eatery),  went to the big 12 championship baseball game,  watched the thunder-spurs first round game at local okc sports pub,  and fit in some good relaxing.   it was a good weekend.

and we both missed being at north point yesterday.   the sunday family reunion is our favorite time of the week.   already looking forward to next week…

since i wasn’t there,  here’s some encouragement from somebody else’s church life.   it’s the story about a british pastor who decides that god wants him to leave and become some sort of a traveling elvis pastor.   what a great way to start off my week!

you know i am more than slightly skeptical of some of the crazy things people do in the name of god’s calling,  but this one has got me admiring the dude’s outside-the-box thinking (even if he is blaming it on god).

i think i’m getting inspired.

A VICAR left his church all shook up after he quit to become a full-time Elvis Presley impersonator.

Andy Kelso, 64, claimed he received a message from God to spread the word of The King of rock ’n’ roll.

So he ditched his dog collar for a white jewelled jumpsuit and now belts out Elvis classics to packed audiences in pubs and clubs – and even churches.

The married father of five, dubbed Elvis Priestley, said: “One day I was out walking the dogs in between church services and I felt God say to me very strongly, ‘Take Elvis to the Church!’

“It was a shock but after one concert there was a lot of interest from churches who wanted to connect with their communities and my tribute act seems to connect.

“When I play, the venues are packed out and I’ve not looked back since.”

He quit as Reverend at Christ Church in Matchborough, Redditch, Worcestershire, last year after more than a quarter of a century as a Church of England vicar.

But he says his former congregation are fans of his act.

Andy said: “I recently went to a care home where most of the patients had dementia.

“I was wondering how I would go down but as soon as I appeared as Elvis and started singing, the residents came alive and started singing and dancing.

“It was amazing and very humbling.

“When you listen to Elvis’ gospel songs, they’re just so from the heart and they really seem to speak to people.

“It’s true that for many years he went far away from his Christian roots but he never stopped believing the basics of Christianity.”

Andy got stopped by the police driving home from one gig at a Methodist church in Worcester.

He recalls: “The traffic cops asked what I’d been doing and I told them that I’d been doing an Elvis tribute act in the church.

“They asked if I’d been drinking and I said, ‘Hardly – it’s a Methodist church!’ Eventually they let me go.”

 …you can read it here.
may you be inspired this week,  also.

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