Things I liked about yesterday

yesterday was a good day.   a really good day.   there were a bunch of things that made it a really good day.

for just an average summer sunday in texas,  we had a pretty amazing turnout.   even though i totally reject the idea that sunday morning attendance at the big show is an indicator of church health,  it’s still always good to have a packed house.   i’m especially pumped that our first service is growing consistently.

speaking of the first service,  i’ve got to admit it’s usually got more energy than the second hour.   that was definitely true yesterday.   the singing was stellar.

for me,  it is always a special sunday when we get to sing “since the world began”.   love the feel.   love the melody.   love the memory of how important this song was during the no-drums era.  especially love the lyrics of the bridge:  “o lord,  you are our father…we are clay,  you are the potter…we are all formed by your hand…according to your plan.”   i never get tired of that.

i don’t say this publicly enough:  i get to work with some of the greatest people on our staff.  for the last seventeen years, debbie has been my partner and i can honestly say we would not be the church family we are without her.   diligence…integrity…kingdom oriented…humble…loyal…compassionate…christlike…the list could go on…and i would run out of room.   we are more fortunate to have angela as our children’s pastor than most anyone knows.  she would be hired at a “big dog” church serving thousands, in a heartbeat…if that was where her heart was.  fortunately,  for us,  her heart is at north point.   in just a few months,  adam has already made an impact on our youth group that blows me away!   his love for kids…his attention to detail…his desire to serve…his maturity…his kingdom ethic…exactly what we needed!

it still amazes me every sunday.   preaching at north point is like talking with friends.   even when the text is hard and the commands are harder.

i know that a “homogenous” church is more likely to grow faster.  statistics usually bear that out.  “birds of a feather” and all that.   it’s also easier to hang out with people and rub elbows with those who are like you,  respond the way you do,  like the same things you do,  and have similar personalities.   but i love…no,  i luuuuuuvv the diversity of north point.   i am humbled and inspired that so many people who are so completely different from each other call NP their family.   it’s “on earth as it is in heaven” to me.

i’m so grateful that i get to serve a church family that doesn’t expect me to have all the answers…and doesn’t think less of me for it.

to serve and help others is to follow in the footsteps of jesus.   sometimes we serve people who feel entitled and place unrealistic demands on our help…and who show very little gratitude.   but recently,  we have been standing in the gap for a lot of people who not only appreciate it…but they talk openly of wanting to “pay it forward” as soon as possible.  very cool.

laughter is sacred.   laughter is holy.   laughter is a common denominator that brings people together who walk difficult paths.   laughter is a dominant value and defining characteristic of our church family.   and not just the LOL kind.   we are the ROTFLOL kind.  and the other kind,  too.

driving our new bus and picking up kids in the apartment complexes to come to our family swim night was awesome…and long overdue!   i wish every one of you could have been on the bus to feel the excitement and appreciation these kids had,  just to have a ride to come and swim.

WE NEED SOME OF YOU TO GET YOUR CDL AND LEARN TO DRIVE THE BUS.   we are going to be picking kids up every sunday and for every event we do.   we need people (couples) who are willing to make this service…and these kids…your ministry one sunday per month.   pick up kids from 9-10…and take them home 12:15 to 12:45.   once a month.  and you still have time for lunch with friends.   any takers?

speaking of swim night,  was that incredible or what?   it was packed!   there must have been 250-300 of us.   so many friends and neighbors.   tons of laughter and conversation.   360 hot dogs…gone.   my favorite scene?   a bunch of men standing in a circle in the lazy river…just talking.

i got to have my whole family join us…both sons…both daughters-in-law…both grandsons.   it doesn’t get much better for me.

it’s been another great day today.   facebook blew up with all the “happy birthdays” to me.   thanks, so much.

now,  it’s back to the grind.   the party’s over.

remember.   stop worrying.


3 thoughts on “Things I liked about yesterday

  1. Burton was just out for a visit and we talked about the days in the Fcc bus. We went everywhere in that thing, good times! I am so glad you are so happy and thanks for all the great years!

  2. I couldn’t read this fast enough…and yet I wanted to slowly soak in every word. I have felt Christ’s love more the last few weeks than at any other time I can remember. I’ve always fancied (yes, fancied) myself a non-worrier, but I am slowly learning how much I underestimate the degree to which I worry, especially about those experiences I have zero control over. The recent outpouring of love I have witnessed from the folks in my life has been awe-inspiring. Letting go of our man-made (and by that I mean ridiculous) sense of control and entitlement is difficult, even exhausting at times, but worth every bit of time, money, and devotion. (worrying is a sin – WOW!) I am grateful for all the faithful and dedicated followers of Christ in my life. Enjoy the poetry…(if you know the song and post a video, I will surprise you with a fountain drink and a taco)

    “Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
    If your cup is full may it be again
    Let it be known there is a fountain
    That was not made by the hands of man”

  3. The bus… good memories! I will pray that people will step forward. Such a great ministry opportunity. Lives will be changed.. and I’m not talkin’ about just the kids. 🙂

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