Here it is

i thought it was about time to let everybody a look at what’s new in the family:

  • 1995 international
  • 6.2 cummins diesel engine
  • automatic transmission
  • power steering
  • 115,000 miles
  • new seat covers
  • driver’s seat with shock absorbers
  • everything works
  • and we only paid $2800!
  • needs a paint job
  • needs to be completely cleaned of dust

i’ve never driven a church bus this new.  we used to own two different buses… a 1982 and a 1970.  this one was built the year we moved to texas.  i already have a mystical connection with it.

115,000 miles on a diesel engine is still in the “break-in” period.  it’s not uncommon for diesel engines to have 750k to over a million miles on them.  we’ve got a long way to go.

we bought the bus from a rural school district in northeast texas.  it was maintained and serviced regularly.  the biggest problem it has is dust…from driving on dirt roads to pick up kids.  there is dust in the sliding windows…dust in the passenger door mechanism… dust on all the fixtures.  we’ve got some clean-up to do.

it needs a paint job bad.  someday soon, we hope.

because it’s an automatic and has power steering, it’s super easy to drive.  hopefully we will have a full crew of bus drivers soon!

i realize the majority of churches that are as active as we are in children’s and youth ministry are all renting big charter buses to use on their trip.  but we know that the cost of renting those buses would prohibit the majority of our kids from participating.  that’s not who we are.

like i said on monday, we are looking for people who would like to take on the responsibility of picking up kids for church on sundays.  if we can get four or five couples to make that commitment,  it would mean your job would take up one sunday per month.  you would arrive around 9:00, do a quick inspection of the bus, and make a 30-40 minute round-trip and deliver the kids to the lighthouse by 10:00.   then you would make the same run to take them home at 12:15.  you’ll be finished by 1:00 and be ready to join friends for lunch.

the best part is you will get to develop relationships with the kids and help point them to jesus.  we could be bringing 30-40 kids RIGHT NOW.  we just need the drivers.

on top of that, we will train you and help you pass your texas CDL test.  any takers?  let me know.

we have an amazing opportunity to enlarge our influence for the good of the kingdom in our neighborhood.  the possibilities are only limited by our fears of operating outside our own comfort zones.   maybe stepping outside your box is just what you need..

let me know.

6 thoughts on “Here it is

  1. The prospect of that many kids is exciting: I hope we get drivers right away.
    (You always sound like a proud papa when you talk about a church bus!)

    1. If you still need drivers, please let me know.
      I would love to drive the children. I would have to get my CDL.

  2. Looking at your ‘new’ church bus brought back so many GREAT memories for me. All if our youth trips included at least one bus breakdown & those were invaluable ‘god’ moments. The north point community is so blessed to have you in their lives, just like all of us hbfcc kids were in the 80’s!!

  3. You have come full circle…hope you North Pointers enjoy and learn as much from your bus experiences as we HBers did from ours.

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