if you want to get the heartbeat of the lewisville i love,  you need to visit church’s fried chicken at business 121 and fox avenue.   it is my favorite cross-cultural culinary guilty pleasure.

…and not only mine,  but wanda’s as well!  (we only go once in a while…and we don’t eat very much when we go.  no lectures…)

it is usually our default location for a quick meal.   fried chicken,  chicken strips,  fries,  okra,  corn on the cob,  sweet tea,  and amazing biscuits and honey.   but that’s not the best part.

the best part is people.

asian,  black,  white,  hispanic,  indian,  middle eastern,  you name it…all enjoying the greatness of southern fried fast food goodness. the staff is super friendly and it seems to just rub off on everyone who passes through the doors.   landscapers, computer techs,  car mechanics,  bikers,  good ol’ boys,  and high school basketball players…or whole families,  single businessmen,  young girls from the beauty school,  and elderly couples…all sharing a loud, talkative, crowded lunch hour in the too-small,  but just-right dining room.

it even has a walk-up window for people who don’t want to get in the dining room line.   i love watching those people!

a few days ago,  we went for a bite and settled in for some good people watching and to enjoy the ambiance.   i listened as three completely different men at different tables…but still close enough to touch…talked about their common love of old muscle cars.   and if you looked at any one of them,  you would never guess that was something they were into!

i guess that must be the power of fried chicken…

the thing i’m always reminded of when i go there is my love of unity in diversity.  i can’t ever get enough.  i am better when i stand with people of different color and different paychecks and different stories.   i am better when i am not allowed to forget that we are called to a life of love…no matter what a person looks like or where he is from or what he has done or the lens he views his world from.

church’s name is important to me.

in a powerful way, “church” happens for me every time i go there.

i want it to happen every day.   church.   not church’s.   tho that would be nice…but not particularly healthy.

go visit sometime.   you’ll be better for it,  too.


One thought on “Church’s

  1. Larry Don and I love to people watch…it is very interesting…Larry Don has never met a stranger and after 30 yrs he has rubbed off I think…We really enjoyed today’s sermon…God bless you.

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