Sorry for the disconnect!

If you are not in my personal loop, you probably don’t know that I am sitting near the beach in San Diego right now. Here’s the skinny…

I was asked by CIY, the youth ministry organization I go to my “wilderness gig” in Colorado with every fall, to join them at Point Loma Nazarene University for a high school youth conference this week. I am serving as the campus pastor for about 100 youth leaders. That means a week of counseling…mostly all day long!

Their plan is for me to be available to help these leaders and pastors serve their kids better this week. It’s just Tuesday morning and I’m already wading into the deep water with some of them. So many hurting kids…but some really good-hearted leaders here to help them.

It’s going to be a good week, I think. I feel like I’ve finally recuperated from our 22-hour, through the night, marathon drive from Texas to the Pacific Ocean! I can’t do those drives like I used to… It’s good my riding partner is with me for the week…

The conference is over on Friday night. On Saturday, we’re meeting up with the Peraza’s…an old North Point family that moved back here to San Diego last summer. They’ve asked me to baptize some of their families in the ocean on Saturday. Pretty cool. Actually…pretty cold. The pacific is about 68 degrees today…

Saturday night we’re taking in a Padre game. It’s been a while, but I’m finally back here to straighten things out for them. If they don’t turn things around, I’m just telling you now…I may have to make a few more trips out here to right the ship. Just saying’.

After that, we’ll drive up to Orange County for a few days, before we load up the wagon train and head back home to the chicken fried nation. Speaking of home…

It’s always hard leaving home. For those we left back in the “Great State”‘, we’ll miss you. These are nice people here…some of the best. But they sure don’t have the grizzled toughness that comes from enduring a Texas summer…in body and spirit. We’ll be home soon. Save some heat for us!

While you wait, here’s a pic of sunset over the university’s baseball field last night. And yes, that is the Pacific Ocean right behind the centerfield scoreboard. Very sweet.



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