Come and listen

i am an observer this week.

oh…i have a real job to do here,  but i feel like it’s secondary to my personal priority of watching stuff, taking it in, processing it, and figuring out what to do with it all after i’m done observing it.   it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

historically, i wish i knew where the elevation of the gifted speaker as leader, authority and most valuable commodity became the central figure in the church.   when did the phenomena of sitting and watching (and maybe even listening to) the “pros” become the defining activity of the church?

here at this conference, the band is amazing.  there show is as good as anything you would see at a pop concert.  i really don’t believe they want to be rock stars.  i’ve met them.  they are genuine and sincere about their desire to simply lead kids into the presence of god.  but make no mistake…they’re good at what they do and the crowd responds.

the speakers are top notch.  they are so gifted they intimidate me with the way they capture the attention of the audience.  man am i glad i don’t have to speak in front of the throngs.   i’d pee my pants following any one of these guys.  and i’ve been speaking in front of people for nearly 40 years!

back at home, we are surrounded by unbelievably talented speakers and church bands that totally rock the house.   they are in our community.   they are all over the region.   the belief that the masses will come and respond to the call of the master if we have a charismatic and mega-talented speaker-preacher-leader-and-authoritative pastor-type is everywhere.

and i get it.   but i wish i didn’t.


3 thoughts on “Come and listen

  1. ‘Can’t tell how firmly planted your tongue is in your cheek. (?) Two things come to mind: 1) “. . .my word will not return to me empty. . .”; 2) for what it’s worth, God has used you MANY times to speak to me and change me. Love you and Wanda.

  2. What, just because you sing a few good church songs in front of a bunch of believers, counteracts the love potion to be a Rock star?

    Everyone wants to be a Rock Star!
    Guitar Hero, gave everyone a chance to even be a Fake Rock Star. Can you believe there were Guitar Hero playoffs at Professional Sporting events?

    I wanted to be a Rock Star playing Euphonium. Yes my fans would have been slightly more sophisticated than the fans of Gwar(look \’em up).

    I get a kick out of the dude that tells me they \”tinker\” with a guitar at home. Definition: Closet Rock star!

    Now if you are a Musician and a Rock Star, you are a super bada@@.! To date, there are only a few of them around, as they are dying off way faster than can be replaced.

    As far as good speakers, I am at a cross-road. To me you are a great speaker. And I know exactly why. You are the same off mike as you are on mike. You could share the same Jesus info at Church\’s Chicken, the bowling alley or girls volleyball camp…the message will never change.

    So, I try hard not to sell people on coming to listen to you, but just like you said above…

    …i get it. but i wish i didn’t.

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