Making choices

i got up this morning thinking about choices.

there are some who believe that our choices don’t carry eternal significance, because we are walking a path that was pre-ordained for us to follow before time began…that god knows our steps and that he planned, in advance, where we would go and what we would do.

some believe that even though we have all been predestined to salvation or damnation, god doesn’t necessarily pull the strings in the daily and trivial decisions we make each day…such as which restaurant we eat at or the kind of car we drive.

me?  i believe our choices matter.  every one of them.  i believe our choices carry eternal significance.  i believe our choices carry immediate consequences.  i believe our choices can carry temporary or long-term results.   in short,  i believe our choices matter and we will be held accountable for what we do.

if we choose wrongly, we don’t get to say, “that must be what god had planned for me”…or even, “the devil made me do it.”

we stand before god, and others, fully responsible for our decisions.

i just finished watching a dangerous motorcycle pursuit on live television here in southern california.  it was a pretty dramatic apprehension.  it will be all over national tv tonight.  and i’m sitting here thinking,  “this dude’s got a serious screw loose.  why is he doing this?  didn’t he realize this thing was going to end badly?”

or maybe he was just searching for his fifteen minutes.   either way,  he made the decision.  and he bears the consequence.

can i quit my job?  yes.  can i move back to california?  yes.   can i walk away from my marriage?  yes.  can i buy a new car?  yes.  can you stop going to church?  you bet.  can you turn your back on the good things of god?  of course.  people do it all the time.

will there be consequences for each one of those decisions?  every time.

can you predict what the consequences will be?  for some choices, definitely.  for other choices, the results will just have to play out over time.  but rest assured, what you choose matters.

we live in a world where we suffer the effects or experience the joy of decisions.  mine…and yours…as well as the collective choices of others we share life with.   just ask some families in colorado.

make good choices today.


2 thoughts on “Making choices

  1. Enjoyed reading this and I couldn’t agree more. I have lived out both extremes in my life and I guarantee you I prefer the results that come from the good decisions. I think God gave us that free will so that we could surprise him by choosing the good things.

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