i’ve never considered myself much of a “routine” kind of guy.

i have a really impulsive side.  more than i wish.   back in the old days,  we used to identify leaders as people-people or program-people.  any surprise which end of that spectrum i landed on?   i’ve made a career of dropping program responsibilities in favor of the needs of people!

and that doesn’t make me a hero.  it more often means that i don’t always get the stuff done that i need to get done.

i’ve never been much of an expert at routines, either.  but that doesn’t mean i don’t keep trying.  as a matter of fact, over the past few months, i had been developing some new routines that were starting to show some results.  and then came our trip to california…

you know, for all the good things that can happen when we get away, one of the worst things is the break in whatever we call our normal routine.   we don’t get up at the same time.  we stay up too late.  eating gets out of control.  spending gets looser.  we sit too much.  exercise is a lost art.  i don’t keep up with my studying the way i should.

we’re not with our normal circle.  we get detached.  we miss out on the journeys our friends are on.  even though we get a reprieve from our daily demands, all we really end up doing is getting farther behind.

i enjoy getting away, but after just a few days, i start thinking about getting back.  back to friends.  back to the path i normally walk each day.  back to the routines i have established.  even if i don’t have a lot of them.

it’s good to be back.

gotta go meet some people…


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