First things first

So good to get back to what’s really important tonight.

Over fifty kids from our community came to our kid’s program tonight. That’s 5-0.

47 of them rode the bus. I already love our bus. It had to 110 degrees inside of it and every face was smiling as we pulled up to the North Point building. So cool to be around kids that are satisfied with so little.

There must have been 60-70 kids total…80-90 with all of our workers included. It may not have the splash that churches of greater resources can offer, but there was no less passion…no less love… no less mission…

Watching different colors and cultures and backgrounds and stories rub elbows with each other is what church is all about. Knowing we get to introduce them to the God of love is humbling.

Who we are as a church family…and the definition of our calling in our community…is becoming clearer every day.

North Pointers…are you catching it?


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