Sunday night

i love sundays,  but i’m always exhausted by the end.  exhaustion is sometimes a good place to find clarity…

many people don’t believe in any god.  they don’t want to.  they don’t know how.  they don’t see a need.  it doesn’t make sense.  there’s not enough proof.  they see too many problems.  life is fine without a god.

the majority believe in the god of their forefathers.  a god passed down through the centuries.  a god of history and folklore.  whether a god of tribal heritage or suburban sunday school, they had no real choice.  it was simply assumed.  moms and dads pass on their images of god.  right or wrong is immaterial.

lots of people believe in a god they create.  a god that makes sense to them.  a god of convenience.  a god who they can turn to in times of emergency.  a god who’s kind of a mixture of santa claus and a three-wish genie.  a hybrid god of jehovah, allah, brahman, and ahura mazda.  a god of great power.  or a god of great hope.

few believe in the god of the bible.  for most, the god of the bible is too narrow…too intolerant…to judgmental…too angry…too exclusive.  they don’t know the bible.  they think they know the bible, but don’t.  they don’t trust the reliability, veracity, authenticity, or legitimacy of the bible.

i wish people would take matters of life and death more seriously.  but they’re too busy.  too “into” their lives and the lives of their families or work or play or living the life of here and now.  

i wish people would overcome their fears or hurdles to spend more time seeking god and truth.  more time investigating the genuineness of the bible.  more time fighting through the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of people of faith.  i’ll freely admit we have many.

i wish more people would ask questions and stay long enough to get answers.

how about you?  which kind of person are you?


2 thoughts on “Sunday night

  1. It’s hard for me to look at and admit how my view of God changes with my life. As I struggle in my life I struggle with Him as well. This of course just makes it even worse. When my life is full of sin, hurt and disappointment I detach myself from Him.

    It’s so reassuring to know that while I change my view of God on a whim, and so much of it is based on situations and emotions, His never changes. He doesn’t decide today He is going to love or desire me more or less than He did yesterday or tomorrow. He constantly and consistently loves me on a level I can’t even begin to understand.

  2. A couple of Tuesdays ago I was discussing God with a woman who like me was raised in the Catholic faith. Going to church for us as teens was considered a chore unless we were going to go out to eat afterwards where we could be with friends. My God at that time was seen as the Great Administrator who was forever keeping a tally on our sins.

    And for both of us we saw Jesus as the one of the Holy Trinity who loved us. I guess it was because of the song that says “because the bible tells us so.

    Just before we broke up our conversation she leaned over and said to me, “You are loved.” Looking into my eyes she could see the tears welling up in my eyes as she clasped my hand. She then told me to look in the mirror every day and say outloud “I am loved”.

    Because of her and my finding a church that preached and studied the Bible as the word of God, I have found a love that I have never experienced before. I am loved even though I have sinned and have made some real mistakes against God in my past. I don’t fear every day as to whether I will make enough sales to cover my bills as God provides my neccessary level of manna for our needs.

    Like Luke who posted above me I find it amazing that God was willing to take me back into his fold. He never changes. His all loving, all caring love is here for the asking.

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