Some Sunday thoughts on Monday

busy, busy day.  yesterday, too.

speaking of yesterday,  i finished preaching through the sermon on the mount.   forty-two sermons.   september 25, 2011 through august 19, 2012.

i hope it was good for people.  i know it was good for me.  in fact, i am absolutely sure that no one benefitted more from studying through the sermon on the mount this past year than me.  and the competition isn’t even close.

and i’m uncomfortable with this reality.

because of my education, i have intellectual and spiritual access to information that most people don’t.   i am not smarter than anybody else.   i am simply more privileged.

because of my occupation, i have the time and resources to study that most people don’t.   it comes with the job description and the expectation that i will study the bible seriously and regularly.   i am definitely more privileged.

because i have the responsibility to teach the bible every week,  i have motivation and accountability to study god’s word deeply and consistently.   i do not deserve this privilege.

i am humbled that i get to spend the time in god’s word…preparing sermons…growing deeper…getting filled with wisdom and knowledge…and being the one who benefits the most from it.   i wish all of you had the opportunity to do what i get to do.

i remember the first time some kid said to me (in response to me challenging him to develop the discipline of studying the bible), “…that’s easy for you to say.  you’re paid to study”.   i wanted to wring his little neck.   how dare he cheapen my commitment.   how dare he disrespect my teaching.

the problem?  as crass as he sounded,  he was right.

i don’t take my privilege lightly.   as a matter of fact, any time you don’t think i’ve put in an honest week’s study…or my preparation seems shoddy…or my challenge for you to spend your personal time studying the bible seems insensitive or condescending…you have my permission to call me out.

we are in this together.

and i need you way more than you need me.

have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Some Sunday thoughts on Monday

  1. We ARE ALL in this together…and your humble public acknowledgement of such truth is respectable and honorable. (really I just want to say you’re swell). Thanks for herding us Mike.

  2. It is indeed a privilege you have been given…charged with the learning…sharing and leading of Gods people…North Point is blessed to have you…North Point is awesome….My family and I retreated from attending church for 5 years due to spiritual pain inflicted over a 13 yr period…We are slowly…recovering and have over the last couple of yrs attended churches…but did not go back because it did not feel right….We came to North Point on Easter….My husband insist on going to church on Easter…lol…I don’t think you should go if you don’t go regular….our of respect for his wishes we go….I was an accident we came to North Point…so we thought….but my God tells me accidents don’t happen….Brandey and Kevin fell in love with North Point and continued to attend….after weeks of meaning to go again Larry and I finally returned and have seen more and more each week that this is the place for us….Thank You to each of you at North Point for accepting us and making us feel so welcome….God bless you all.

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