Marriage Tuesday

have you heard about the new “lebron X”,  nike’s newest installment of lebron james’ signature shoe?  the enhanced version of the shoe that features motion sensing technology will reportedly cost up to $315.  $315?  you gotta be kidding me!


The LeBron X is inspired, both aesthetically and metaphorically, by the diamond, a precious and nearly indestructible gemstone. The shoe is engineered to prioritize responsiveness, impact protection and dynamic containment, all required for LeBron’s unique skillset.

Combining four of Nike’s most innovative technologies, the LeBron X features dynamic Flywire technology, Hyperfuse construction, Nike Plus functionality  and the first full-length visible Zoom Air unit.

gee.  i think i need these.  might even make my preaching better, don’tcha think?

seriously, this got me thinking about marriage tonight.  there are people who will spare no expense on shoes.  making the decision to drop a big three on a pair of gym kicks is not difficult at all, if owning tennies…and the props that come from wearing the best money can buy…is what you value.

what about your marriage?  how much do you value it?

would you spend money to build it?  would you spend money to save it?  what resources of yours are you investing in your marriage?  are you giving the best of your time…and energy…and creativity…and attitude…and prayer…and intellect…and emotion…and grace…

…to this relationship you say is the most important one you have ever entered into…and ever will?

or do you treat your marriage no better than a pair of tennis shoes?


4 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. Our marriage is only second to our relationship with God! We’ve learned that nothing else comes before those 2 things; not kids, work, friends, self, anything. Thanks for asking. 😉

  2. Ridiculous shoes! I made All-State with cardboard in the bottom of my Chuck Taylors because of the holes in the soles. And there are no holes in the sole of my marriage!

  3. Shoes! I tried the shoes and preaching they did not help at all! Ha Ha! I think Minette would run me over if I even talked about buying shoes like that. On to marriage! It’s on! The more we empty ourselves of self the more we are full of God for each other. I don’t totally understand all that but it is working…….Thanks Mike and Wanda for being great examples from a distance! I have my vertical up again…..2 inches of the ground!

  4. I really like getting your blogs Mike…and I am like Norht Point more and more every day…Marriage…such a blessing for a husband and wife…Many of the young people today have no idea that God has a blue print of a wife and a husband….what He challenges us to be a man and wife…living that life…is the only way to show Gods example of marriage…My 3 daughters made daring decisions in who they chose for spouses and now have to live with those decisions….it is not easy…I pray about them continuously….any other prayers for them are greatly appreciated…Pray that my son in laws will stand up and become a man of God and lead his household in a Godly way as well as my daughters become the women God desires they be and that all their children will be raised with Christ at the center of their lives…Thanks Mike for sharing. Blessings to you and Wanda this week.

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